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Strike Contingency Plan, Company Assessments, Operational Survey and Business Planning

Strike Contingency Plans

Added Leverage at The Negotiating Table


Your company needs to respond from a position of total readiness so it is clear where you are headed during a labor dispute. More so, you need leverage at the negotiating table and that is achieved by developing a strike contingency plan.

Protect Your Company’s Operations

Strike contingency plans act as an added insurance policy in protecting your company’s operations if a work stoppage occurs. A strike contingency plan provides you with the added assurance that you can continue servicing your customers because you established a plan that includes temporary skilled replacement workers and a professional security team.

MADICORP provides strike planning services to a wide range of clientele in various American industries to include:

We have proven success in developing strike contingency plans for companies and the existence of these plans often result in our clients’ avoidance of a strike.

MADI’s site-specific strike planning involves evaluating the following criteria:

  • Conducting a survey to gain a cohesive understanding of the human and material resources needed in order for your company to remain operational.
  • Developing a Business Continuity Plan—i.e., strike contingency plan—that outlines your business requirements for temporary support personnel, equipment, support services, and organizational structure to ensure your business goals are achieved during a work stoppage.
  • Reviewing your facility and the surrounding area to recommend an effective security response during a potential labor dispute

Strike contingency planning is an extensive and comprehensive process that will protect your business in the long-run. Having a strike plan instills confidence in your customer base as they can rest assured you will continue to serve their needs regardless of the outcome of union negotiations.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With MADI as your strike contingency planning partner, your company has leverage at the negotiating table.