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Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd. is comprised of a diverse group of fan companies that manufacture a full spectrum of air moving equipment.



General Distributors Limited operates as a subsidiary of Progressive Enterprises Limited.

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your organization for the excellent job done in providing temporary replacement workers during the 152 day labor dispute at our Warren, Ohio plant... The temporary workers worked very well with our management team operating the units. With the team that was in place I felt confident we could sustain our business as long as required.” 

Thomas Steel Strip Corporation, Corus Special Strip

“You arrived on the scene when things were not running as smoothly as we had hoped. Without any hesitation, you and your staff jumped into the situation and provided just what we needed.”

Detroit Newspapers

“Even though you were not previously contracted by Overnite to provide labor, you made 313 drivers available to us within 24 hours.”

Overnite Transportation Company

“MADI was able to fill all of the critical job positions we needed within or ahead of the timeframe to which MADI committed.”

AK Steel Corporation.

“You out-produced experienced people who worked here for over five years within the first week. You helped train replacement workers and created standard operating procedures where we needed them.”

Phoenix Services, Inc.

“Out of all the other liked companies out there, MADI provided us with the ‘Peace of Mind’ we strived for in our time of crisis. Everyone from MADI acted in an extremely professional and polite manner.”

SYSCO Food Services of Seattle

“It is a real credit to your organization to have all of your employees arrive at a job site; cross a picket line; work long days in a hot and dirty environment; get along and blend in with some of the regular work crew; live in town among the striking workers; and never have so much as a question or concern raised about your presence.”

The Dexter Company Foundry Operations

“You provided a true hassle free service and immediately corrected issues as they arose. Your on site managers were very professional and helpful. They assisted us in actually running our operation while continuously searching for ways to improve our productivity which we did with MADI´s assistance.”

Printpack, Inc.

“Putting together a contingency plan is not the most pleasant task in the world. Your expertise, advice and experience eliminated some of the stress and anxiety associated with the development of these plans.”


“The personnel you provided were instrumental in our ability to service our customers. More importantly, after witnessing the MADI personnel´s output we are now aware of the true production potential of out family.”

GST Steel Company

“Your employees were very professional and their conduct and appearance was something that you can be proud of. We would strongly recommend your company to others and look forward to working with you in the future.”

SYSCO Food Services of St. Louis, Inc.

“Your supervision was outstanding. I know that you draw from the same basic labor pool as your competition. But, as we learned, when they work for you, the people show up and the job gets done. – something we learned we could not take for granted with others.”

Detroit Newspapers

“Hopefully, Quality Beer Sales won´t need your services again, but it is great to know that MADI is there if we do.”

Quality Beer Sales

“When SYSCO Montana learned that the contractor with whom it had worked was unable to fulfill its obligation, you and your staff stepped in and had more than 125 warehouse employees, drivers and security personnel at the company within 24 hours.”

SYSCO Food Services of Montana, Inc.

“Consistent with your representations to me, MADI had all of the workers we had requested at the location ready to work the day after I contacted you. MADI´s quick response and the work performed was a significant factor in the Company’s ability to operate at full capacity during the work stoppage.”

PepsiAmericas, Inc.

“Speaking for all managers here at Armco, Mansfield, I appreciate your ongoing presence and support.”


“Your ability to provide high quality CDL Drivers and Dock Workers within hours of notification was a key factor in Overnite´s ability to continue to operate and serve our customers with minimal interruptions. During the strike your company provided us over 200 CDL Drivers and 50 Dock Workers.”

Overnite Transportation Company

“High Grade Beverage is now a true MADI believer. Use me anytime as a reference to discuss my positive MADI experience.”

High Grade Beverage

“You once asked whether MADI would get the first call if we ever needed drivers again during a strike. ”No’, was the reply, MADI would get the only call.”

Detroit Newspapers

“MADI’s state of readiness, ability to deploy quickly and reputation for getting the product delivered, played a positive support role in our negotiations with Teamster Local 125, and contributed in the prevention of a work stoppage.”

The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of New York, Inc.

“Your team was very professional and the Business Continuation Plan provided to LSC was exceptional.”

Lenawee Stamping Corporation

“On behalf of SYSCO Food Services of St. Louis, I want to thank everyone at MADI for another job well done!”

SYSCO Food Services of St. Louis, Inc.

“I would like to express appreciation from Overnite Transportation for your assistance during the Nationwide Teamster Strike against Overnite Transportation Company beginning October 1999.”

Overnite Transportation Company

“If GST Steel encounters a need for these services in the future, please rest assured that MADI will get the call.”

GST Steel Company