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Industrial Staffing


Manufacturing, production and warehouse staffing solutions for aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer goods, energy, chemical, machinery, primary metals, and more. Access experienced manufacturing and production talent from our national talent network.

Learn about the industries we serve and the positions we staff below.  

Our traveling contract workforces can help you quickly ramp up production. 


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Aerospace & Defense Staffing

Our experience includes staffing solutions for manufacturers of aerospace and defense parts and equipment; engines, transmissions suspension and drive systems for combat vehicles; components and assemblies to the aerospace industry; and aerospace interiors.

Staffing for temporary Assemblers, CNC Operators, CNC Machinists, Electricians, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Mechanical & Sub Assembly, Painters, Tool Makers, Welders and more.  

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Automotive Staffing

We fill critical staffing gaps for OEMs at Tier 1 automotive suppliers across the United States to ensure they have the talent needed to keep production on schedule. 

Staffing for temporary assemblers, CNC machinists, Machine Operators, production operators, welders, material handlers, industrial electricians, press operators, maintenance mechanics, hi-lo operators, painters and more.

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Consumer Goods Staffing

From cosmetics, shampoos, and soap to food and beverages, our recruiters work on solving critical staffing challenges at many of the top consumer goods manufacturers across the United States. 

Staffing for temporary boiler operators, machine operators, mechanics, electricians, forklift operators, filler operators, millwrights, packaging personnel, palletizers, depalletizers, maintenance techs, and more.

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Energy, Utilities, Petrochemical & Chemical Production Staffing

Our recruiters are experienced placing temporary labor within these highly regulated industries working with utilities, nuclear power generation companies, refineries, etc.

Staffing includes temporary licensed boiler operators, outside operators, console operators, maintenance technicians, mechanics, machinists, welders and more.  

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Machinery Manufacturing Staffing

Our recruiters connect with experienced talent from machinery manufacturing subsectors such as agricultural, construction, engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing.

Staffing includes temporary production assemblers, CNC machinists, machine operators, grinders, welders, forklift operators, press operators, electricians and more.

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Primary Metals Manufacturing Staffing

Our recruiters connect with experienced talent from the metals industry including steel mills, alumina and aluminum production, and processing and foundries. 

Staffing includes temporary industrial laborers, caster operators, process operators, boiler operators, production operators, heavy equipment operators, millwrights, industrial electricians, machinists, mechanics, forklift operators, and more.

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