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About MADI

Staffing challenges today are complex. We have the expertise and national talent network to solve them. 

Since 1992, MADI has been assisting businesses throughout the United States with contingency planning and ensuring their businesses remain operational and protected during crises including labor disputes, natural disasters, labor shortages, and even through a global pandemic.

With 30 years of expertise supporting critical business functions, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses solve their toughest staffing challenges. Our industry expertise includes but is not limited to: 

  • Aerospace & Defense 
  • Automotive 
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy, Utilities, Petrochemicals, Chemicals
  • Machinery 
  • Primary Metals

With our national talent pool of industrial talent, we can quickly and efficiently mobilize and deploy temporary staffing teams to any U.S. facility to fill critical skill gaps, staff new production lines, support seasonal production needs, and provide operational stability for as long as needed and without any impact to your ongoing local hiring efforts. 

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Message from MADI’s President & CEO

MADI specializes in planning and executing individualized contingent staffing solutions to help companies across the United States maintain operations in times of stress. Now in our third decade, we have built our business and reputation by executing projects that deliver positive outcomes each and every time.
Since 1992, MADI’s national recruiting, fast deployment and on-site management have proven to be effective in the widest variety of industries for small privately-held companies to the enterprise.
This is why clients choose MADI to maintain business continuity, whether facing local labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, natural disasters or other threats to their ongoing operations.
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Joel Zimmerman,
President & CEO

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