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Our Approach

Qualified workers. In every position. For every shift.


Experienced Recruiters 
Our long-term, in-house recruiters have extensive industrial knowledge with backgrounds ranging from assembly, production, manufacturing and machining to logistics, and plant management.   
National Talent Database 
We've built a 55,000+ person database of industrial talent from across the entire U.S. All employees are graded by our site supervisors post-project based on individual performance enabling our recruiters to consistently select the best talent for future projects. 
Technology Investment
Our proprietary and cutting-edge workforce management software provides real-time insights for project oversight, accurate invoicing and payroll processing from onboarding and travel to timesheets, per diem, and lodging. 
On-Site Supervision
Our managed services are designed to deliver a turnkey solution for our clients. MADI's project supervisors are your main point of contact, manage our team on-site, off-site and handle all project logistics and lodging. 
Employee Retention
Our on-site Supervisors build relationships with employees fostering a team environment to increase morale and retention.  Outstanding performers are rewarded as are those with project longevity, incentivizing others to follow suit.  
Employee Referral Program
We believe in the strength of connections, and our referral program rewards our employees who refer top-notch industrial talent to us. Sourcing exceptional talent is a priority and we make the referral process simple for our employees.
Safety & Compliance
We pride ourselves on providing a compliant and safety-focused workforce. From stringent background checks and drug testing to E-Verify – we meet or exceed our client's screening requirements across all industry sectors. 
Efficiency & Structure
Our workforce management software and on-site supervision streamline onboarding, travel, lodging, and logistics for maximum efficiency. Our Supervisors ensure our employees arrive each day on time, as a group, ahead of their scheduled shifts. 
Billing Transparency
We are focused on transparency and ensure you have a clear view of every expenditure. Our detailed weekly invoices include every hour worked for each employee and receipts for transportation and lodging. 


What to expect

We'll work with your team to understand the type of personnel you need; develop a timeline for deployment and onboarding that works for your plant; and coordinate all logistics including travel arrangements and lodging to get the team on-site and situated near your factory or warehouse. 

Our executive team has an average tenure of 24 years, so you'll be working with seasoned professionals who have worked together to solve some of the country's most difficult staffing challenges.



For Large Organizations

(more 50+ employees needed)
For our large enterprise clients that need hundreds of employees for one site, need to strategically staff multiple sites simultaneously, or need to deploy talent to suppliers across the country to solve critical backlogs, our systems and proprietary workforce management software are designed to minimize complexities and maximize efficiencies for large-scale deployments across the United States. 


For Small Organizations

(less than 50 employees needed)
Whether you're looking to add a small group of 10 or 20 temps to your plant, you'll benefit from the same systems and technologies we've built to seamlessly manage large-scale deployments. 



How much do MADICORP's staffing solutions cost?

Our pricing will vary based on the project scope, so to avoid guessing, we will need to know the following: 

Check Circle Black Number of personnel, per job category
Check Circle Black Skill level of personnel (entry-level, semi-skilled, or skilled)
Check Circle Black Job descriptions for each category
Check Circle Black Which shifts personnel will be placed on
Check Circle BlackLocation of plant(s)
Request a quote below, and we'll prepare a detailed cost estimate for you.

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Once we have a clear understanding of the project scope, we can provide custom pricing to deliver you the experienced talent you need. 

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