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Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Security & Protection

BCP Implementation, Training, and Planning Services

Can your business afford to shut down operations, even for one day? Does your organization employ business continuity management techniques that ensure you could sustain operations if a work stoppage occurs? Will your customers be impacted during a strike? If not, we offer a variety of different service options to help. 

Business Continuity Plan Consultants

By having a Business Continuity Plan in place you ensure that your business will remain operational and continue servicing your customers despite experiencing a labor dispute.

24/7 Management Control for Maximum Protection

Since the early 1990’s, MADI has been providing unparalleled business continuity management services to hundreds of companies across the country.

Business continuity management is a comprehensive ongoing process that helps companies avoid critical work stoppage issues. Further, developing a Business Continuity Plan that can rapidly put trained personnel and security officers on-site quickly and effectively minimizes disruptions to your business.

Essentially this translates to significantly less leverage for the unions when it comes to a strike threat.

Certified Operations & Security Personnel Serving All Industries

MADI’s business continuity management practices successfully serve a multitude of industries including:

At all Skill Levels

The reliability of MADI’s business continuity management techniques have resulted in hundreds of success stories for our clients.

Immediate Deployment & Production Capabilities

MADI’s approach to business continuity management gives your team the leverage to negotiate firmly without the threat of a suspension of operations.