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Labor Dispute Management Services

The Complete Business Continuity Solution prior to and during Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations and work stoppages.


Prepare for a Potential Labor Dispute

Get the level of preparedness that fits with your collective bargaining objectives and your tolerance for risk.

Your level of preparedness can make the difference between meeting your business objectives or settling for a more costly or unfavorable union contract. After helping thousands of companies, from small to Fortune 100’s, prepare and execute strike contingency plans, we’ve identified the following four (4) levels of risk of a potential labor dispute.

Identify your level of risk and take the next step to the appropriate preparedness level:

Your Situation
Collective Bargaining Agreement Coming Up. Labor Dispute or Walkout Unlikely. You won’t need many personnel, and the personnel you need are unskilled.

Your Challenge
You are tasked to identify and engage a vendor in advance of the Collective Bargaining process.

How we help
MADI coordinates calls with your team to talk through your potential staffing needs over the phone and put together a basic strike staffing plan. There is no cost to this option.

What you get
You completed planning due diligence knowing you have a reliable "go to" labor dispute vendor should the need arise.

Expected Time to Deploy workforce
Reactive, based on availability.

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Your Situation
Usually 3 to 6 months before contract expiration. Although a labor dispute is unlikely, company policy mandates a formal planning process to reduce physical risk.

Your Challenge
Best practice dictates proper planning and development of a formal, up to date Business Continuity Plan.

How we help
MADI conducts an on-site analysis (operations and/or security) to gain an understanding of your operations under normal conditions, and identify gaps, vulnerabilities and potential threats that most likely would be exposed during a labor dispute.

What you get
A Physical Site and Security Analysis report that provides you with a higher level of readiness as MADI has met with your team, walked through your facility, and provided you with a detailed strike plan.

Included in the report is a recommendation of the optimized workforce and security, based upon staffing numbers determined during the visit.

Expected Time to Deploy workforce
1 to 2 Weeks

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Your Situation
Approximately 4 to 6 weeks before contract expiration, and if a large number of personnel would be required or if the personnel you may need are highly technical or in high-demand.

Your Challenge
There are serious and potentially contentious business issues to address in contract negotiations.

How we help
Initiating the optional readiness proposal included within our strike plan enables MADI to assemble and maintain, on a position-by-position basis, a standby team of fully-vetted personnel for your specific needs.

What you get
MADI recruits and develops a 2:1 stand-by replacement workforce and management team ready for deployment rapidly and efficiently.

Expected Time to Deploy workforce
1 to 3 Days

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Your Situation
1 week before contract expiration and if you are dealing with an Imminent strike, and/or negotiations not favorable to your company.

Your Challenge
Contract negotiations not going well and strongest company response required.

How we help
MADI pre-deploys, prior to a labor dispute, all or a portion of its Operations and/or security stand-by replacement workforce and management team.

What you get
With the advice from your Labor Counsel, MADI positions operations personnel and/or security officers either visibly at the facility, or keep them off-site in a hotel for a more rapid deployment.

Expected Time to Deploy workforce
Near Immediate

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Remote Needs Analysis 

Basic Strike Staffing Needs Assessed. 

Business Continuity Plan

On-Site Analysis, Report & Recommendations

Standby Workforce

Fully Vetted Workforce Ready to Deploy

Advance Deployment

Personnel On-Location & Ready to Work

Low Labor Dispute Unlikely

The Collective Bargaining Agreement with your union local is coming up for renewal.

MADI coordinates calls with your team to talk through your potential staffing and security needs, and conducts a Remote Needs Analysis.

Reactive. Based on availability of personnel when deployment is authorized.


Low/Medium Best Practice or Corporate Policy

Your Company faces potentially contentious bargaining issues and/or must address corporate mandate to plan for contingencies that may arise

MADI’s Operations and Security Experts conduct a thorough on-site analysis and prepare a formal Business Continuity Plan with staffing and physical site recommendations for maintaining operations and protection in the event of a labor dispute.

Faster. Usually able to deploy temporary personnel within one (1) week, with advance notice, based on availability.

Analysis Fee Per Site, Plus Expenses

Medium/High Labor Dispute a Distinct Possibility

Bargaining issues require company taking a strong negotiating position which may very likely be rejected by the union

MADI recruits and maintains a dedicated team of fully-vetted personnel on stand-by, ready to deploy immediately at company’s direction

Fast. Usually within two (2) to three (3) days

Readiness Fee is based on number and types of positions, minus cost of Business Continuity Plan.

High Labor Dispute Very Likely or Certain

Negotiations are unfavorable; unionized workforce will likely reject the company’s final offer or company may be forced to lockout the union.

MADI will deploy all or a portion of its stand-by workforce and security personnel, who can be positioned visibly at the facility, or sequestered off-site.
Fastest. Pre-Deployed personnel can be on the job immediately.
Based on types of positions and size of actual pre-deployment team, and one time only costs such as screening and transportation, minus business continuity plan and stand-by workforce readiness fees, if applicable.
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Explore Our Services

MADI's Labor Dispute Management Services address four (4) key areas:

  1. planning for business continuity,
  2. recruitment and deployment of personnel,
  3. implementation of 24/7 management & supervision, and
  4. security and protection for your people, property, products and brand at all times.

See why MADI is the preferred choice of companies when it comes to Labor Dispute Planning and Management:

two Madi employees at work

Get Certified Skilled Workers Quickly

Ramp up quickly with temporary personnel that possess the skills, certifications and experience to meet your production needs in a labor dispute environment.

  • Rapidly get the skilled temporary personnel on site and on the job, anywhere in the US.
  • 100% Replacement guarantee, if they are not the right fit, we replace them at no additional cost to you.
  • Limit exposure and risk with a workforce optimized specifically for a labor dispute

Learn more about Strike Replacement Workers  ►

The group of Madi workers

Full Management Oversight

Reduce exposure and optimize operations with experienced Project Managers and Supervisors that will oversee your temporary workforce at all times.

  • Get a dedicated singular point of contact, with direct access to our executive team at all times.
  • All administrative logistics handled for you.
  • Minimize risks with 24/7 Management Oversight to limit unwanted interactions

Learn more about Labor Dispute Operations  ►


Maximum Protection for Your Personnel and Facilities

To ensure 24-hour security and protection as personnel enter and exit your property, MADI's Protection Teams of Evidence Specialists are trained professionals and trained in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

  • Protect your employees and facilities with our specially trained NLRA-compliant security team.
  • Get comprehensive operations and security planning for the deployment of key personnel and security teams.

Learn more about Labor Dispute Security  ►


Business Continuity Planning

Effective Business Continuity in higher risk environments is founded on thorough evaluation and analysis of your facilities and operations.

MADI’s teams of Operations and Security experts conduct on-site needs analysis to develop Business Continuity and Readiness Plans.

  • Gain leverage with proven methods designed to tilt the advantage in your direction
  • Be prepared to respond to a walkout or breakdown in negotiations at a moment's notice
  • Choose a Readiness package and deployment time frame based on your tolerance for risk.

Learn more about Business Continuity Planning  ►

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