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Labor Dispute Management: Operations & Security

Reduce risks and exposures inherent in a labor dispute.

  • Get a dedicated singular point of contact, with direct access to our executive team at all times.
  • All administrative logistics of MADI's replacement workforce are taken care so you don't have to.
  • 24/7 Management Oversight reduces unnecessary interactions and maximizes productivty.

Add leverage to union negotiations when you need it most

During such critical time, having a temporary workforce that is optimized for labor disputes will assure protection to your facility and personnel, as any infractions, however small or innocent, can be very costly and drag on for years in the courts.

Exposure to risk is increased when temporary workers:

  • Manage their own hotel accommodations and transportation to and from your work site.
  • Pass through the picket line on their own to start and leave their shift.
  • Are allowed to consume any alcohol after their shift.
  • Are in public and exposed to violent acts or harrassment.

Full 24/7 Management Oversight

To reduce exposure and optimize operations, our experienced Project Managers and Supervisors oversee your MADI temporary workforce at all times.

Once our Skilled and Certified Contingent Workforce are deployed to your project site, all MADI personnel are managed 24/7 in order to:

  • Ensure we meet your production requirements.
  • Ensure all personnel appear as a group on time for their scheduled shift.
  • Minimize unwanted contact with the media, union personnel and sympathizers.
  • Ensure compliance with MADI’s work rules.
  • Conform to MADI's zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy; 24/7.
    NOTE: All of our employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

Strike Replacement Workers

With MADI Strike Replacement Workers on the job, you will remain operational in the event of a strike, with complete peace of mind when it comes to logistics.

  • We deploy temporary workers, all of whom are paid under MADI’s payroll and covered by our insurance benefits and Workers Compensation.
  • Personnel are background checked, pre-screened and certifications verified and are matched with the position-specific skills you need
  • All temporary replacement workers are closely supervised by our team of Project Managers and Supervisors who have decades of experience in labor dispute management.

Facing an Expiring Collective Barganing Agreement?

MADI provides four (4) levels of readiness that start as you perpare for contract negotions and escalate as the threat rises and a strike or walkout occurs:

  1. Remote Analysis: This is a free service where we walk through your potential staffing and security needs, and conduct a Site Review using satellite imagery via teleconfernece.
  2. Business Continuity Plan: When planning is needed or reqired, MADI's experts conduct an on-site analysis  of your operations and staffing to identify Gaps and present optimized recommendations  that will mantain operations and provide protection during a strike.
  3. Standby Workforce: In-house recruiters develop pools of standby personnel, often at 2:1 levels, to compensate for "churn" and ensure your personnel requirments can be met within 24 to 72 hours. 
  4. Pre-Deployed Workforce: For companies that simply cannot afford any downtime due to a strike, MADI can pre-deploy a full or partial team of operations and/or security personnel who can be on the job instantly.

See how MADI has helped clients since 1992, prepare and respond to Labor Disputes:


Experience the leverage a Business Continuity Plan provides

when you partner with a team of reliable professionals ready to assist in the event of a work stoppage.

MADI's reputation is built upon our ability to consistently provide Business Continuity Services that place the right strike replacement workers in the right jobs, within 24-48 hours when readiness option is chosen.

The result of teaming with MADI for your strike replacement worker needs will be the successful continuation of operations despite the potential threats a work stoppage poses.

Preparing Strike Contingency Plans? 

This Toolbox will help you streamline the process

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