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Strike Replacement Workers

30 years of crisis staffing expertise. 

  • Limit exposure and risk with a comprehensive strike staffing plan.
  • Recruiting should begin well in advance of the contract expiration.
  • Strike replacement workers can be deployed to any U.S. location.

What Are Strike Replacement Workers? 

Replacement workers are people who are temporarily brought in to replace union workers on strike or locked out during a labor dispute. 


Maintain critical operations during a labor dispute with Strike Replacement Workers.

When facing a strike, having to shut down for even a small period of time can translate into significant losses. Ramping up fast with temporary strike replacement workers that possess the skills, certifications, and experience to meet your production needs in a labor dispute environment is essential for keeping your business operating competitively and continuing to meet the expectations of your customers and shareholders.

Get workers on-site rapidly, anywhere in the U.S.

Sourcing talent from a national talent pool enables strike staffing agencies to deploy strike replacement workers quickly and efficiently, so companies can remain operational in the event of a work stoppage.

With 30 years of expertise, MADI deployed skilled replacement worker resources to many industrial sectors ranging from Nuclear-Qualified Plant Operators and Linemen to Production and Warehouse Personnel.

As of January 2023, MADI has paused all strike services to focus on providing traveling production, skilled trades, and warehouse workforces for companies that are struggling to staff their manufacturing plants or distribution centers with local talent in this tight labor market. 

National Recruiting & Efficient Deployments to all 50 States

Our new service shares a similar model to strike staffing in that: 

  • We deploy temporary workers from a national database of employees, all of whom are paid under MADI’s payroll and covered by our insurance benefits.
  • We actively recruit production, skilled trades, and warehouse personnel with the industry, and specific skills, experience, and certifications you require.
  • Through the application of business continuity best practices, we optimize staffing levels to meet your specific operational goals for the duration of your staffing project.
  • All MADI replacement workers are screened, background checked, and supervised by our professional and highly experienced managers 24/7.
  • MADI also manages all accommodations and transportation to and from your facility for each shift as a team for optimal productivity.

Seamless Workforce Integration & Productivity

When MADI's traveling manufacturing workforce arrives on-site, they need very little ramp-up time because all staffing is matched to both the position and equipment, as well as prior experience and certifications.

With our proprietary systems to recruit and deploy temporary personnel quickly, we are able to fill contingent staffing needs in most industries and positions from Nuclear-qualified Plant Operators to Machinists, Mechanics, and Welders of all types.

Do you need traveling manufacturing workers?

We provide up to four (4) levels of Readiness and corresponding deployment speed, based on your tolerance for risk and the situation at hand as it develops:

  1. Remote Analysis: This is a free service where we walk through your potential staffing and security needs and conduct a Site Review using satellite imagery.
  2. Business Continuity Plan: MADI's experts conduct an on-site analysis of your operations and staffing to identify Gaps and present optimized staffing and security recommendations that will maintain operations and provide protection during a strike.
  3. Standby Workforce: In-house recruiters develop pools of standby personnel, often at 2:1 levels, to compensate for "churn" and ensure your personnel requirements can be met within 24 to 72 hours. 
  4. Pre-Deployed Workforce: For companies that simply cannot afford any downtime due to a strike, MADI can pre-deploy a full or partial team of operations and/or security personnel who can be on the job instantly.


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  1. How can strike replacement workers help my business?
  2. How do you prepare a business continuity plan?

Our specialists analyze your onsite operations and staffing needs to determine how your company works under normal conditions and how you intend to function during a labor dispute. After that, they prepare staffing and security recommendations that will help your business to work normally during a strike or other critical situations.

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