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Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Operations

Manage the Risks of a Labor Dispute

Business Continuity Planning by Experts


Site assessments and developing business continuity plans will help you identify vulnerabilities and potential threats in advance that could impede your business from meeting operational goals during a strike.

Operational assessments are conducted at your site(s) by business continuity experts specifically to:

  • Evaluate operations under normal conditions
  • Understand your Human Resources needs
  • Develop optimal processes to maintain operations safely and efficiently during a strike
  • Help you formalize strike communications and response channels

Implement Labor Dispute Best Practices

After the analysis is completed, a Business Continuity Plan that identifies vulnerabilities and threats, along with site-specific recommendations is developed. From there are temporary workforce is assembled and maintained on a stand-by basis for deployment when and if needed.

Then if a labor dispute takes place, the agency is prepared to manage all of the logistics of providing temporary personnel including travel and hotel accommodations and 24/7 management control, and other best practice in order to maintain and secure your operations for as long as needed.

Protection for Small, Medium, and Enterprise Clients Nationwide


Companies choose industry consultants because they apply physical risk management best practices to labor dispute management services so that when a strike or work stoppage takes place, you will be able to:

  • Maintain operations and customer expectations
  • Protect your people, property, products, and brand



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