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Strike Security

Strike security officers standing at entrance of plant with picketing union members on strike

What is Strike Security? 

Strike security services are a critical component of securing your facilities and protecting employees prior to and during labor disputes. Strike Security Officers are specifically trained for labor dispute environments; they understand the risks and threats inherent in these situations and capture evidence in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act which is a company's best defense against false accusations and any incidents that occur. 

Strike Security Analysis  

strike security officers checking perimeter fence of propertyDuring a labor dispute, there are added threats an organization could encounter that pose additional risks to its operations and employees. 
To help mitigate these risks, a security analysis involves the following:
  • Assessing the nature of entry and exit areas at your facility
  • Determining the vulnerable areas of your site and surrounding area
  • Developing a plan to ensure that only authorized employees and customers enter your facility
  • Instructing your non-union employees in protocols relating to contact with striking union members and procedures for passing through a picket line.
  • Participating in a meeting with your management, state, and local police departments, and/or fire departments to coordinate proper security procedures, should a strike take place.
  • Explaining procedures for gathering evidence to document any misconduct or violations during a labor dispute


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Developing a Strike Contingency Plan

Strike contingency planning is like an insurance policy that protects your organization during any labor dispute—giving you the advantage of being able to respond confidently and strategically to any threat, labor dispute, or labor unrest that comes your way. Learn more about the process of developing comprehensive strike contingency plans here

More Strike Security Resources & Information: 

Facility Protection Checklist - 8 Things To Keep In Mind

Multi-building factories, offices, and facilities with spread-out operations present unique protection challenges that businesses must deal with. Corporate leaders who face this challenge may want to get specialized help to ease this burden, as such assistance can make it easier to support advanced protection strategies with maximum return on any investment that is made.

Effective Protection Is More Than Security

Organizations dealing with a strike or other work stoppage need to address additional threats in order to effectively protect the company's people, property, products and brand. In order to manage risks to acceptable levels, the ideal scenario involves a detailed site analysis conducted in advance by security professionals with business continuity expertise to identify and address vulnerabilities and resulting threats.

3 Key Points of Vulnerability During A Disruption

Physical Security risks can increase following a natural disaster or other disruption to normal business conditions. Many companies look outside the organization for business continuity services in order to manage the risks that can be brought about by disruptions. In most cases, the first step is to conduct a business continuity analysis at the facility(s) in order to identify the vulnerabilities which may not necessarily pose high risks under normal conditions, but could during a business disruption.

3 Ways To Use Fences & Barriers To Improve Facility Protection

Fences and barriers are an integral component of a facility protection system. The idea may sound simplistic, but protection experts can identify the perfect places to put up permanent or temporary fences, creating a foundation for a variety of force-multiplying security strategies.


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