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Picket Line & Strike Security Services

MADICORP deploys strike security officers trained for and experienced in labor dispute scenarios. From picket line security, incident documentation, evidence collection, to employee transportation and executive protection. Protect your people, property, products and brand during labor disruptions.

What is Strike Security? 

Strike security services are a critical component of securing your facilities and protecting employees prior-to and during labor disputes. Strike Security Officers are specifically trained for labor dispute environments; they understand the risks and threats inherent in these situations; and capture evidence in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act which is your best defense against false accusations and any incidents that occur. 

Strike Security Analysis  

assessDuring a labor dispute, there are added threats an organization could encounter that pose additional risks to its operations and employees.
To help mitigate these risks, a security analysis involves following:
  • Assessing the nature of entry and exit areas at your facility
  • Determining the vulnerable areas of your site and surrounding area
  • Developing a plan to ensure that only authorized employees and customers enter your facility
  • Instructing your non-union employees in protocols relating to contact with striking union members and procedures for passing through a picket line.
  • Participating in a meeting with your management, state and local police departments, and/or fire departments to coordinate proper security procedures, should a strike take place.
  • Explaining procedures for gathering evidence to document any misconduct or violations during a labor dispute

Respond to an Imminent Strike Situation or Active Labor Dispute

Whether detailed strike planning is in place or there is a surprise work stoppage, MADI’s trained and experienced strike security officers can be deployed within hours to provide real protection to your business operations. 

Developing a Strike Contingency Plan

Strike contingency planning is like an insurance policy that protects your organization during any labor dispute—giving you the advantage of being able to respond confidently and strategically to any threat, labor dispute or labor unrest that comes your way. Learn more about the process of developing comprehensive strike contingency plans here

Preparing Strike Contingency Plans? 

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