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Work Stoppages, Major Organized Work Stoppage by Employees, Unilateral and Temporary

Work Stoppage Planning – Organized, Unilateral and Temporary

Plan for major unilateral or temporary labor union organized strike, work stoppage by employees - truckers

Strike avoidance is the goal for every company with a union workforce. As such, an organization has two options when a work stoppage occurs—challenging the union or conceding to their demands. Of course, protecting its operations during labor disputes is a company’s primary concern, and an organization can not always meet its union’s request, so before your management team embarks on the critical negotiating task, they should first turn to MADI to assist them in preparing for a potential work stoppage.

Impeccable Reputation for Strike Avoidance

Temporary operational staff and security teams in response to disruptions to your operationsGiven MADI’s long-standing reputation for being able to immediately respond to a company in crisis due to a work stoppage, hundreds of organizations since the early 1990’s have benefited as a direct result of utilizing MADI’s business continuity planning services that have successfully assisted them during a work stoppage situation.

Your company can rely upon MADI’s BCP for avoiding work stoppages:

  • Professional and skilled personnel are rapidly deployed to protect and maintain your operations.
  • The company’s property and personnel will be secured.
  • MADI´s support provides additional leverage at the negotiating table.
But why is leverage so important to management during negotiations that have come about because of the union’s work stoppage?

Gain Leverage With Our Experienced Operational Staff

When a work stoppage is threatened or is authorized, union workers perceive they are in a position of power, as they believe that production has to stop.

Impacts of a work stoppage can affect:

  • Lost output of goods and services
  • Financial loss affecting profits
  • Customer retention/satisfaction
  • Shareholder confidence
However, because of MADI’s ability to seamlessly transition its temporary operational staff and security teams into your current operations, the disruptions to your operations will be minimized, and the effects of a labor strike will be limited. Prepare your company today in the event of work stoppage and call MADI to guarantee your continued success.