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Get Real Protection for your People, Property, Products and Brand

MADI's Corporate Security Services help you reduce physical risk, manage threats and eliminate vulnerabilities which can cause loss, harm and more.

Uniforms and Badges Alone Do NOT Protect Your Business! 

This approach to Corporate Security is broken.

Simply putting a uniform and badge on a person who does not have the proper background, training and experience and calling them a Security Guard only creates an appearance and a dangerous illusion of security and safety. Many businesses equate Security as a "check-box" expense, to be contracted at the lowest possible cost, but the question really is…

...Is your business really protected?

Are there unrecognized physical threats and vulnerabilities putting your business at risk?, or even harming your business now with issues such as theft, fraud or other possible liabilities?

What if the unthinkable happens? Will you really be safe?

Do you really have the protection you need?

Listen to the difference between Security and Protection


When it Comes to Real Security Protection, People Make the Difference.

Leadership, experience and training separate the illusion of security with the reality of
real protection.

That’s why MADICORP Security's Real Security Protection Services are staffed by teams of experienced, certified, and professionally trained former federal agents, law enforcement and military personnel, and senior tenured security officers.

Respond to an Imminent Situation or Threat:

MADI’s trained and experienced personnel can be deployed to provide real protection to your business within hours.

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Fast Response Protection Teams are Avaialble.

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Executive and corporate security solutions to protect your people, property and products (and brand):


Corporate Security

Protect your people, property products and your brand to reduce physical risk.
Go beyond just the uniform and badge to provide 360 degree protection at your site or sites. Our managers are experts with decades of experience and our teams comprised of former military and police officers are constantly trained in security and protection best practices to identify vulnerabilities, pose strategies, and eliminate threats.

Civil Unrest

Protect your business, when local police and security resources are not prepared to handle the threats from civil disturbances.
Whether escorting media news crews, protecting television stations, reporters in the field, equipment, satellite trucks into hostile environments; or assigning a protection agent to prevent cargo theft, vandalism or sabotage, MADI can deploy an urgent response force to ensure your business continuity.

Crisis Management

Secure your assets should a natural disaster such as a tornado, earthquake or hurricane affect your business.
When a natural disaster hits your area or your facility, products and equipment may be damaged and/or vulnerable to theft. You may also be challenged to take extraordinary measures in order to continue to serve customers. Our teams can give you the protection you need and can often be deployed in 24 hours.

Explore MADI’s Real Security Protection Services

Take a holistic approach to Manage Risk and ensure your Business Continuity. Protect your business, management, personnel and facilities from a 360o perspective:

Executive Security Services

Protecting your people.

MADI can provide your organization with executive security protection.

Services range from on-site executive protection, to the posting of residence security agents at executives’ homes to protect their families, and 24/7 security when needed.

Facility, Personnel & Physical Assets Protection

Protecting your people, products and property.

MADI can secure and protect your organization from physical threats and events that could cause serious loss or damage to your property or injury to your people.

Our ability to assess vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to reduce negative consequences provide real holistic protection that typical security solutions cannot and do not provide.

Integrated Systems Risk Audits & Action Plans

Assess vulnerabilities, identify gaps and develop an action plan to manage physical risk

MADI's Audit and Action Plan is your roadmap for protection that will help you maintain business continuity and physical operations in the face of a wide range of threats, in compliance with local and federal laws and governmental regulations.

The Action and Staffing Plans are designed to meet your company's tolerance for risk, and can include training, system design and deployment readiness levels that can deliver Evidence Specialists and Protection Officers to your site or multiple sites in the US within hours of a planned or unplanned event or incident.

Physical Security Training

Get your personnel and executive team trained to foresee and respond to threats.

MADI's senior agents and officers provide on-site customized training programs for your executive team and personnel.

These programs empower your personnel to be safe while at the same time complying with local, state and federal regulations, through a proprietary coaching program developed by the MADI leadership team.

Integrated Physical Security System Design

Tailored security systems for new or existing facilities.

MADI's certified physical site designers and inspectors can design systems for maximum physical protection and return on investment.

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your site and operations to identify threats and vulnerabilities including day and night studies, system reviews including fence systems, IP security systems, access control barriers and exterior illumination, etc.

MADI’s Real Security Protection Services can help you address vulnerabilities and prevent harm.

  • Labor Dispute Security

  • Shareholder meetings
  • Facility Closure / Relocation

  • Media Crew Protection
  • Corporate events

Understand your physical risk and current ability to protect your people, products & property.

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We’ve spent 20 years assembling the most experienced protection & security teams

What differentiates MADI Protection & Security Services?

Talent. Proven talent, top-down, from MADI’s Management and Executive Team to our teams of Evidence Specialists and Protection Officers recruited mainly from law enforcement and the military. 

Leadership & Management

MADI’s Leadership Team is made up of a major metro police detective and global corporate security director of a F500 multi-national corporation, and former military officers who collectively have decades of experience training staff, leading security operations and providing protection in disruptive and hostile environments from natural disasters and civil disturbances to major sporting events, plant closures and labor disputes.

  • Joel-Zimmerman-president-amd-ceo.png

    Joel Zimmerman
    President & CEO

    A recognized innovator in Business Continuity Services, Joel introduced the company’s immediate response capabilities to all 50 states in 1992. Since that time he has expanded its Labor Dispute Management service offerings to include both Operations Staffing and Security; and High Performance Contingent Staffing Solutions to companies in nearly all industries. Joel graduated Boston University’s School of Management with a BS/BA in 1990.
  • Matthew-Martie_Managing_director

    Matthew Martie
    Managing Director

    Matthew Martie is a corporate protection innovator with 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Global Corporate Security, Criminal Investigations and Close Protection of Government Officials, Facilities and Executives. Mr. Martie directed a global protection force of over 2,500 security professionals and nearly 3,000 contracted security officers, investigators and firemen, and is a Certified Physical Security Inspector/Designer.

Our Personnel

MADI’s teams of officers and agents are drawn from the ranks of former law enforcement officers, federal agents, military and senior tenured security officers, and selected specifically for their skills to interface with local agencies, commitment to continuous training and flexibility to foresee and adapt to any harmful situation in compliance with applicable laws.

They are chosen for their proven ability to deliver protection under pressure and have a wide range of experience from organized crime fighting units to providing physical security at major special events including the Olympics and Wimbledon Tennis.

Our strict zero tolerance to drug use, felonies, or other serious offenses ensures your peace of mind, so we can focus on protecting you and your business and contribute to your business continuity.

“MADICORP’s Protection mission statement is simple: successful results are what matters. We achieve this through dedicated protection of our client’s People, Property, Products and their Brands.”

Matthew Martie Managing Director - Security & Protection, MADI, Certified Physical Protection Inspector and Designer, Former retired Global Corporate Security director of a Fortune 500 company.


Our teams have extensive mandatory training on violations of the NLRA (National Labor Relations Act), current cases and decisions by the National Labor Relations Board; local, state and federal regulations; all state required training, as well as our own proprietary coaching for continuous improvement - each individual knows how to do their job and what's expected; and how to collect evidence, how to write the proper report for court accepted evidence, how to testify in court.

Each officer is continually trained and supported to think ahead and in multiple dimensions under pressure, as well as to understand security from the perspective of protection from planning all the way through to tactical implementation on the ground.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Get a risk assessment of your company's current ability to protect your people, assets and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your recruitment process? / What is your candidate ideal profile?
All MADI Protection personnel undergo a stringent selection and on-boarding process, including multiple interviews with specially trained recruiters and MADI's senior managers who are specifically looking for candidates with proven character and commitment to the protection of a company's people, property and products and brand at all times.
Selected candidates then undergo robust background checks and drug screening. MADI's recruitment team then maps each individual's background and competencies with the clients' requirements and job specifications so you get the real protection you really need.
What training does your team undergo?
MADI's management team is committed to the principle of continuous improvement of all MADI protection personnel. Training is the central pillar to meeting this objective.
Besides specific job related briefings before each deployment, our management team provides on-going security training in topics such as:
  • NLRA Compliance
  • Evidence Gathering and Preservation
  • Access Control
  • Videography
  • High Risk Security
  • Basic Criminal, Civil and Labor law
  • Workplace Violence
  • Basic Fire Prevention and HAZMAT

MADI also has training programs for your company's employees, managers and executives.

What is the difference between Security and Protection?
Simply put, security are a series of measures from putting a uniform and badge on a person, to fencing and lights that are put in place to in order to attempt to control the environment and help prevent losses.
Protection goes to the next level and takes into account the effectiveness of your security systems, as well as the quality, training  and experience of your security teams.
Do they understand the threats and vulnerabilities you face?, and do they have the experience to respond in compliance with your company's protocols and local, state and federal laws?

Do the systems you have in place take in to account physical risk management best practices and cost-efffectively maximize your investments while at the same time protecting your personnel, property, products and brand at all times?   

Is there a cost to a preliminary risk assessment?
MADI offers a high-level remote protection assessment at no cost.  Drawing upon satellite imagery, this assessment will help you understand your current security systems' ability to address physical risk and if the protection is in compliance with your company's tolerance for risk.
If a more complete assessment is needed, MADI offers a full suite of on-site business continuity assessment and planning services focused on protection, as well as the deployment of highly trained and qualified protection teams if, when and where needed.
How long does it take MADI to deploy?
The high level answer is most often within 24 to 48 hours. There are a number of variables that can impact the speed of deployment, however.
First is planning. Physical risk management best practice dictates implementation of pro-active planning. MADI is a strong proponent of Security/Protection Audits to reduce or eliminate physical threats and vulnerabilities at your facilities.
One of the additional benefits of the Audit is the ability to select readiness levels for personnel should a planned or unplanned event such as a natural disaster occur. The higher the readiness, the faster the deployment.
MADI also has the ability to mobilize quickly without advance planning, but deployment can be subject to circumstances which may affect the deployment process.