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MADI’s Security Teams are proven professionals, many with decades of front-line experience in Labor Dispute environments. Our Teams are labor dispute security specialists trained in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA):

  • Document union misconduct
  • Provide Evidence in court-admissible formats, to support requests for temporary restraining orders
  • Avoid charges of unfair labor practices.

Experienced Leadership Team


Our protection personnel include a skilled set of senior managers who have expertise in the following:

  • High-risk security
  • Videography / 35mm photography
  • Evidence gathering and preservation maintained within a verifiable chain of custody
  • Providing effective support for temporary restraining orders
  • Field/medical/first-aid
  • Various OSHA/MSHA-mandated training as required
  • NLRA compliance
  • Employee "What To Do" Training Programs

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