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Labor Dispute Security

Protect Your Company’s People, Products, Property & Brand at All Times.

  • Mission-critical security ensures maximum 24-hour protection as authorized personnel enter and exit your property.
  • MADI's senior security team leaders are highly experienced in managing threats and reducing the risks of a labor dispute.
  • Gain advantage over striking workers with our specially trained teams of NLRA-compliant Evidence Specialists.

Strikes are not “business-as-usual” environments

Established long-term relationships with your workforce can be turned upside down during a labor dispute. Union workers, who under normal circumstances are valued employees, become adversaries who often will attempt to use any and all means they can disrupt operations and attack the reputation of the company if they believe it will help them achieve their goals.

Add to that, with tools such as social media and a global audience at their disposal, strikers have the ability to capture and disseminate potentially compromising audio and video images in an instant at the push of a button.

In this complex environment, it is essential that you maintain leverage and avoid costly charges of unfair labor practices, and be prepared to legally document verifiable union violations that can be used in court to your advantage.

This is where MADI Protection comes in.

Maximum Security for your facilities and personnel

Whether you need to protect one (1) or multiple sites in multiple geo-locations at the same time, MADI Protection can secure all locations 24-hours per day, seven-days-a-week until such time as an agreement has been reached and normal operations resume.

Experienced MADI personnel are specially trained to identify and protect vulnerable areas on and off-site, and establish a deterrent security presence in order to prevent vandalism, injury and unauthorized access to the facility.

Trained and Professional Strike Security Officers & Evidence Specialists

MADI Security Teams are highly trained professionals, many with years of front-line experience in Labor Dispute environments, and well versed in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

They provide your facility 24-hour protection as employees, managers, vendors, and others that enter and exit your property that are  specially trained to:

  • Discourage picketing individuals from committing unlawful acts.
  • Document union misconduct to support requests for Temporary Restraining Orders, in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).
  • Maintain evidence within a verifiable chain of custody.
  • Provide Evidence in court-admissible formats, to support requests for temporary restraining orders.

Strike Security Protection

Our protection personnel are seasoned professionals with documented experience in strike security in addition to prior military/law-enforcement experience. Guards without a military/law enforcement background possess years of documented prior security experience in the strike industry and must provide multiple professional references in order to be considered.

Security Capabilities

MADI Corporate Security Management Team has the following expertise:

  • High-risk security

  • Videography / 35mm photography

  • Evidence gathering and preservation maintained within a verifiable chain of custody

  • Providing effective support for temporary restraining orders

  • Field/medical/first-aid

  • Various OSHA/MSHA-mandated training as required

  • NLRA compliance

  • Employee "What To Do" Training Programs

  • Basic Criminal, Civil & Labor Law

  • Access Control

  • Human Resources

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Executive Protection

  • Defensive/Offensive Driving

  • Counter-Terrorism

  • Basic Fire-Prevention/HAZMAT

Do You Need Help With Strike Planning or Strike Security?

MADI provides four (4) levels of protection services that will provide the protection you need during a strike:

  1. Remote Analysis: This is a free service where our experts conduct a Site Review using satellite imagery via teleconference.
  2. Protection Resources Plan: MADI's senior protection experts conduct an on-site analysis of your facility to identify specific physical vulnerabilities and staffing recommendations. 
  3. Deployment: Teams of Evidenced Specialists and Supervisors are deployed to protect your People, Property, Products, and Brand at all times. 
  4. Staff Training: Team leaders can provide training and briefings on picket line procedures and other useful security procedures for non-bargaining unit personnel and executives.

See how MADI has helped clients since 1992, prepare and respond to business disruptions:


When you partner with MADI's team of professionals who are dedicated to protecting your interests in the event of a work stoppage or strike.

MADI's reputation is built upon our ability to maintain Business Continuity for our unionized clients anywhere in the US by placing the right strike replacement workers in the right jobs, within 24-48 hours when readiness option is chosen, and protecting your people, property, products, and brand at all times.

The result of teaming with MADI will be the successful continuation of operations and managing risks despite the additional threats a work stoppage poses.

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