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Aerospace and Defense Staffing Agency

Temporary, contract and seasonal staffing for the aerospace and defense industries. 

Our experience includes staffing solutions for manufacturers of aerospace and defense parts and equipment; engines, transmissions suspension and drive systems for combat vehicles; components and assemblies to the aerospace industry; and aerospace interiors.  

We provide temporary/contract staffing nationwide specializing in staffing for labor shortages and skills gaps.

Drawing from our national pool of experienced aerospace, defense and aviation talent we'll deliver an experienced team right to your facility, wherever you are in the United States. 

MADI provides staffing to aerospace and defense manufacturers nationwide, specializing in providing managed workforce solutions for companies that struggle to source the experienced and skilled workers they need from their local areas.  If you're looking for top aerospace, aviation or defense talent, you can find a sample of the skill sets we specialize in.

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  • Assemblers 

  • CNC Operators and Programmers

  • CNC/Conventional Machinists

  • Electricians (PLC, Commercial, Instrument and Control Technicians)

  • Gage Inspectors

  • Heat Treat

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics

  • Mechanics 

  • Mechanical Assembly and Sub Assembly

  • Painters

  • Tool Makers

  • Tool Room Attendants

  • Warehouse Personnel

  • Welders


Learn more about how we help manufacturers achieve operational stability, despite labor shortages in low unemployment states here: