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Labor Strikes

Labor Strikes


Labor strikes happen—often despite effective labor relations or proper planning.

But when a strike does occur, the key to an organization’s ability to continue thriving through the conflict is having a Business Continuity Plan prepared and ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice to minimize the effects of a strike to your operations.

We are Thoroughly Prepared.

MADI understands the negative effects that work stoppages can have on your company’s operations and has been successfully providing labor relations solutions to hundreds of organizations for over 15 years.

In the event of a labor strike, or even the threat of strikes at multiple locations, MADI’s clients are thoroughly prepared to continue operations.

Moreover, they enjoy increased leverage at the negotiating table which more often then not results in strike avoidance.

Take a Proactive Approach


Despite the fact that a strike does not occur each time a union and the employer disagree, the potential for a labor strike exists with any union negotiation. Therefore, MADI encourages its clients to take a proactive approach and develop a strike contingency plan.With strategic planning, effective communications, and ongoing relations with union representatives, organizations can minimize the threat of a labor dispute, and be prepared to manage its way through labor strikes successfully.