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Work Stoppage due to Union Employer or Management Unfair Labor Practices

Unfair Labor Practices

While a majority of strikes are a result of economic disagreements between union employees and their employers, a strike can also occur if an unfair labor practice claim is filed.

Complete Solutions

Regardless of whether management disagrees with the charge a union may file regarding an alleged unfair labor practice governed under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the process to investigate the merits of an unfair labor practice charge remains the same.

Listed below are several areas that should be avoided to ensure your organization minimizes its potential exposure to unfair labor practices:

  • Threatening plant closures if workers choose to join or form a union

  • Coercing workers not to join or engage in union activities

  • Promising extras to workers to influence their union support

  • Assigning difficult or dangerous work duties to discourage participation in union activities

The laws governing unfair labor practices are complex and vast. Identifying where your organization may be at risk for violating any labor laws is integral to your business success.

MADI provides labor dispute solutions to companies throughout the United States enabling them to maintain productivity despite work stoppage situations when unfair labor practice issues arise.

MADI assists organizations in abating any unfair labor practice grievance that threatens their business by:

  • Assessing their business operations from personnel to equipment to develop a Business Continuity Plan in the event of a work stoppage
  • Stabilizing production by providing temporary staff workers and supervisory management
  • Positioning security personnel on-site to promote a safe environment for employees and the facility

We Offer a Sense Of Peace

The end result is your management having a sense of peace knowing that should a grievance due to an alleged unfair labor practice be filed, your customers will continue to be serviced.