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Business Continuity Planning Consultants, Certified Continuation Management Planners

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning, Business Continuity, Continuity Planning, Business

For over 17 years, MADI’s comprehensive business continuity planning services has provided unparalleled service to some of the largest corporations in the country, positioning us as a leader in the industry. MADI has established itself as a trusted resource in the business continuity planning field, servicing a broad spectrum of American industries including, but not limited to:

Business Continuity Services

Companies have come to rely on MADI’s business continuity planning expertise to assist in creating, and maintaining, a state of total operational readiness should a work stoppage occur. Often times, our business continuity services have contributed to the favorable resolution of labor negotiations while a work stoppage was avoided. Regardless of the chain of events, our clients have peace of mind knowing that our business continuity strategy will protect their business interests during labor disputes.

Our extensive business continuity planning involves:

  • On-Site Survey: Information is gathered by MADI to gain a thorough understanding of all relevant aspects of our client’s operations, including both human resources and material requirements, and the surrounding area.
  • Business Continuity Plan: As a result of our site–specific survey, a strategic, detailed plan is prepared to assist our clients in continuing operations during a work stoppage.
  • Security Assessment: Your facility is surveyed to identify any security vulnerabilities and determine the placement of MADI security personnel during a work stoppage that will ensure that your employees are protected and your business is secured.

Business Continuity Strategy

Business Continuity Strategy, Business Strategy, Continuity Strategy, StrategyThe reliability of our business continuity strategy, our reputation of readiness, and our ability to deploy personnel including skilled workers, professional management, and trained security within 24–48 hours has made MADI the first choice for business continuity planning services among this country’s leading corporations. MADI’s seamless integration of its capabilities into an organization’s operations due to our business continuity planning process provides our clients with a high level of comfort knowing they are in a position of strength during any labor dispute issue. With MADI on your side of the negotiating table, you will not only increase your bargaining leverage, you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your operations will be fully supported if a strike does occur.