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Contingency Staffing for Labor Shortages and Skills Gaps.


Production labor and skilled trades are sourced nationwide and relocated to manufacturers across the U.S. for temporary, contract, or seasonal staffing projects. 

Access experienced manufacturing workers sourced from our national labor pool

Fill open manufacturing positions quickly, with experienced skilled labor

Staff single or multiple sites anywhere in the US

Control where, when, and for how long you deploy MADI personnel

MADI employees pass mandatory drug tests and background checks

MADI takes care of insurance, workers’ comp, and travel logistics


“Customers who knew about our core competencies of being able to quickly assemble and deploy managed workforces, kept asking us for a staffing solution that could provide business continuity to their operations for literally any reason, often with minimal notice.”
Joel Zimmerman, CEO, MADI

Keeping Fortune 500 Manufacturing & Distribution companies operational since 1992.


The Limitations of The Traditional Staffing Model for Solving Labor Shortages. 

Labor shortages are increasingly becoming a big concern for manufacturers, especially throughout the Midwest where unemployment is low. Traditional staffing models source skilled labor from within a certain radius around the facility that needs workers. In states with low unemployment, there are limited skilled trades workers available so all companies and local staffing agencies are competing over the same limited resources. As a result, staffing agencies are providing more unskilled workers resulting in high turnover, training fatigue and increased costs. 

The limitations of traditional staffing agencies

Most traditional staffing agencies can’t:
  • Quickly mobilize teams of 100+ industrial workers anywhere in the U.S.
  • Fill technical manufacturing and maintenance positions with expereinced Machinists, Welders, Maintenance Techs, Industrial Electricians & other skilled trades

  • Deploy a large number of qualified temporary workers on demand to respond to production backlogs, prevent lines from going down, or add entire shifts to a facility 

  • Provide onboarding and on-site management to ensure employees are on-time and on-task every day

  • Onboard large-scale industrial workforces efficiently with short acclimation periods 

  • Deliver employees who pass thorough background checks and drug tests


Traditional staffing agencies aim to lower the cost of labor by restricting their search to your local talent pool. This constraint means that any shortages in the quantity or quality of local labor becomes your shortage.

Open positions requiring specialized skillsets, a lot of experience, and advanced certifications are especially difficult for traditional agencies to fill on demand. So when you need skilled temporary workers on short notice, traditional agencies are forced to “throw bodies” at your open positions -- bodies that may not have the skills, experience, and qualifications to meet your production needs as quickly as you like.

It gets worse...

Open positions can go unfilled when replacements aren’t available locally. This results in additional losses to productivity, revenue, and time.

Left unchecked, your decline in productivity creates an opportunity for your competitors who aren’t facing the same labor shortages.

Now imagine the difficulty traditional staffing agencies have staffing an entire shift, facility, or multiple facilities with suitable replacements. Your open positions are even more likely to be left unfilled, or filled with unsuitable replacements.

And the negative impact to your productivity and revenue is magnified.

Bottom Line: The cost savings by recruiting locally are more than offset by losses in productivity and revenue.


By broadening your search to a national talent pool you can have access to more experienced industrial manufacturing workers and can source larger numbers of them more quickly.

The Advantages of MADI’s Contingency Staffing Service for Manufacturers

MADI provides immediate access to experienced skilled trades workers that are in high-demand, they're able to acclimate more quickly than unskilled local temps, and our on-site management team ensures they're arriving on-time as a group each day and that they're on task while working.

MADI employees are located throughout the US

Pull from all 50 states to fill your open roles with skilled temporary labor that meet your job specifications.

Plus, we conduct thorough background screenings and drug tests for every employee we send out. We also take care of payroll and administration, employee insurance, workers’ compensation, travel, and temporary living arrangements.


Reduce Your Downtime & Costs. 

Access fully vetted personnel with demonstrable skills, experience, and required certifications.

Use MADI personnel to:

  • Fill in small gaps
  • Staff a full shift
  • Staff an entire facility
  • Staff multiple facilities, anywhere in the US.

Rapid deployment and ramp up to needed production levels

MADI employees chose the “gig economy” and its lifestyle.

They know how to adapt to a company’s workflows, internal processes, and culture. They ramp up and deliver value at the fastest pace possible.

Your MADI personnel show up on time and ready to work. If appropriate, they come accompanied by on­site managers to on-board them and shorten the path to productivity.

Traveling Contract Machinists

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A staffing provider with strong crisis management capabilities can help you meet operational objectives and reduce losses in the event of a labor shortage or disruption to normal operations.

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