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MADI - Labor Dispute Management Services

Preparing strike contingency plans? We can help streamline the process. 

Whether you're developing your own strike contingency plans or looking for assistance from a vendor like MADI, the following information will help you prepare for a potential labor dispute. 

Our Strike Planning Toolbox includes:

  • Preparation is the Key to Avoiding Strike-Related Disruptions

  • Pre-Strike Facility Checklist 

  • 5 Recommendations to Deploy and Manage a Temporary Workforce

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Labor Dispute Facility Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC] 

Please contact us at (800) 780-0500 with questions or to schedule a free presentation. 

About MADI

Since 1992, MADI has been providing strike contingency planning services and temporary labor to clients nationwide.

MADI added its security division in 2000 in order to provide clients a comprehensive single source, business continuity solution. 

In 2011, MADI expanded its service offerings to include temporary staffing and security services for non-union companies and now has over 500 clients in 42 states.


Download Toolbox:

“Putting together a contingency plan is not the most pleasant task in the world. Your expertise, advice and experience eliminated some of the stress and anxiety associated with the development of these plans.”

Gerald P., Flat-Rolled Steels

“It is a real credit to your organization to have all of your employees arrive at a job site; cross a picket line; work long days in a hot and dirty environment; get along and blend in with some of the regular work crew; live in town among the striking workers; and never have so much as a question or concern raised about your presence.”

Tim O., Foundry Operations

“The union took a ratification vote yesterday and the contract passed [overwhelmingly]. There is a lot to be said for being prepared to take a strike. Between things we did internally and bringing on outside help, such as your company, I am sure the union knew they could not win with a walk out.”

-Ken A.,  Beer Distributor