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Don’t let a labor-related business disruption impact the supply chain...

Take the first step in reducing the risks of labor shortages and unfilled key positions.

Download Your Labor Audit Workbook.

“Most business continuity plans falls short in their ability to support a quick response...”
– Dan Howe, Strategic Risk Management at GM

Use the Labor Audit Worksheet to Identify and Prioritize Key Personnel and Contingent Staffing Resources.

You can then implement specialized staffing solutions that will be able to respond to any labor shortage, fill key roles and recover operational capabilities in the most timely manner required.

Identify which high priority positions need back-up replacements, and take action


This workbook will help you assemble:

  • Prioritized List of Key Personnel: Identify key workers, prioritized in terms of local availability, level of difficulty to hire and/or replace; and impact on operations if unfilled, and for how long.

  • List of Contingency Staffing Solutions: Identify multiple rapid-response/ deployment contingency staffing sources that can provide the needed skillsets, experience, certifications at a moment’s notice.

  • Summary of Resources & GAPS: You will easily be able to identify staffing gaps, and drive the contingency resource selection process to meet your specific Labor Continuity needs.

Get My Free Labor Audit Workbook:

Reduce the risk of potential local labor shortages on your operations.

If you are facing labor shortages that can affect your production deadlines.

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MADI helps automotive suppliers meet their temporary staffing needs and maintain business continuity.

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Key skilled workers are critical to Labor Continuity.

High-value employees with specialized skills cannot easily be replaced, and staffing gaps can cause a host of costly disruptions to the supply chain.

While compliance with the MMOG/LE will help you identify risks and improve your operational resilience - mapping and prioritizing critical personnel is a critical first step in strengthening labor continuity and supply chain resilience.

Having unqualified workers in key positions can have costly consequences.

Having a Labor Contingency Plan will allow you to:

  1. Access skilled replacement workers quickly.
  2. Ensure production meets OEM Quality Assurance.
  3. Maximize productivity and throughput during labor disruptions.
  4. Avoid pulling unqualified people from other positions to fill the gap.
  5. Reduce hazardous work conditions and potential OSHA compliance violations.
  6. Secure reliable contingency staffing partners that can respond quickly to your predefined needs.
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About MADI Corp

MADI is a recognized leader helping companies manage risk and maintain business continuity by providing a full range of Contingent Staffing and Security Services.

Known for the highest standards of productivity and effective management, MADI specializes in planning and executing solutions for clients that range from small to enterprise companies across the United States facing disruptions and threats to their ongoing operations.

Since 1992, companies nationwide have relied upon MADI, when faced with supply chain issues, labor disputes, natural disasters, or any other staffing crisis to provide them with reliable high-performance contingency staffing:

  • MADI can quickly mobilize and deploy highly trained and experienced technical workers nationwide to your site

  • Minimal ramp up time with temporary personnel that possess the skills, certifications and experience to meet your production needs

  • Our workforce is managed by certified supervisors who will ensure employees perform assigned job tasks safely

MADI fills positions like these:

  • Controls Engineers
  • Machine Operators
  • Production Operators
  • Tool & Die Makers
  • Welders
  • Millwrights
  • CMM Programmers
  • Industrial Electricians
  • CNC & Manual Machinists
  • And More...

If you are facing labor shortages that can affect your production deadlines...