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Ready-to-deploy production and skilled trades workers


Fill any number of positions, from 20 to 200+


Variety of specializations, skills and certifications


Deployment to multiple sites nationally (yours and/or your suppliers’)


Efficient ramp up and productivity

Since 1992, MADI has placed thousands of temporary personnel in over 70 industries nationwide.

Here are some recent deployments:

Talent scarcity doesn’t have to be a threat to business growth

Labor shortages can have disastrous consequences to your bottom line: missed deadlines, penalties, lost revenue, and customers...

Even with the help of multiple local staffing agencies, many companies still have trouble hiring the labor they need. 

Our services are designed to help businesses that are experiencing: 



Limited Access to Labor

Trouble hiring and retaining  production, skilled trades, and warehouse talent.

Increased Costs

When unskilled labor is placed into open skilled positions, it increases training time and costs.


Hiring talent without industrial experience can lead to high turnover and productivity issues. 

Plant Expansions

Talent scarcity can cause production delays when hiring is behind schedule.

See how MADI's managed workforces can help you mitigate labor risk (1:45 mins)

MADI’s Managed Workforce Services help you source the production and skilled trades workers that local temp agencies can’t supply…


"They come prepared to work, the workers are here on time, they're on task while they’re in, and we can definitely count on them."

“I would tell other people seeking out skilled labor to definitely give MADICORP a call. They are dependable, their workers are great, and the customer service is unbeatable. The fact that they were able to find welders from all over the United States and get them to us so quickly, really stood out."
Tanya Shafer, HR Manager
Twin City Fan

Reduce the impact of labor shortages and skill gaps on your manufacturing operations and supply chain.

National Pool of Skilled Labor

With MADI’s Contingent Staffing Services, you can can fill manufacturing positions other temporary staffing agencies can’t, because we source and deploy employees from our national pool of workers. 

A Turn-Key Staffing Solution
turn-key-staffing-services From recruiting, screening and transportation, to workman’s comp and payroll, MADI makes it as simple as possible to meet your project-specific staffing needs.
A Managed Workforce Staffing Solution
managed-workforce-staffing MADI internally manages all aspects of personnel selection, vetting, transportation, onboarding and daily management of its deployed employees for seamless integration and to maximize productivity. 
Efficient Deployment and Ramp Up
experienced-manufacturing-industrial-labor-skilled-trades Our commitment to continuous improvement is evidenced by our reputation for highly efficient team implementation and immediate productivity.
A Dependable Manufacturing Workforce
full-service-staffing-firm MADI personnel are thoroughly screened, drug tested, background checked and chosen for their experience, skills and professionalism.

Meet the team that has saved clients
$17.76 Billion in potential revenue losses

MADI helps companies reduce risk and maintain operations that result from any type of labor shortage or business disruption.

  • Joel-Zimmerman-president-amd-ceo.png

    Joel Zimmerman
    President & CEO

    A recognized innovator in Business Continuity Services, Joel introduced the company’s immediate response capabilities to all 50 states in 1992. Since that time he has expanded its Labor Dispute Management service offerings to include both Operations Staffing and Security; and High Performance Contingent Staffing Solutions to companies in nearly all industries. Joel graduated Boston University’s School of Management with a BS/BA in 1990.
  • Ioe-Bellino-senior-vice-president

    Joseph Bellino
    Senior Vice President

    Since 1992, Joe Bellino has provided business continuity services and overseen MADI’s temporary workforces in industries such as Nuclear Power Plants, Utilities, Manufacturing, Metal Processing Plants and Food Distribution Warehouses. He has run operations for all of MADI’s projects including US Foods (multiple sites), Detroit News, Entergy Pilgrim (Nuclear Powerplant), Rexam Beverage Can (nine sites) and AK Steel.
  • Matthew-Martie_Managing_director

    Michele Vincent
    Senior Director, Marketing & Sales

    Since 2007, Michele Vincent has been providing contingent staffing services to F500 across nearly all industries including: Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Metals, Mining, Power Generation and Health Care. Michele is an expert dedicated to helping companies maintain business continuity in response to all types of labor shortages, natural disasters, labor disputes, and is available to help you meet your business objectives.

Listen Now: The U.S. Manufacturing Workforce Podcast

30 CNC Machinists deployed across 3 different facilities.

A parts supplier to the agricultural industry was struggling to source experienced and reliable CNC Machinists from their existing vendor. With pressure from their largest customer due to production delays, they reached out to MADI. The supplier was unsure if the quality and reliability would be different and were skeptical of the added cost of on-site supervision. After deploying a small group of MADI CNC Machinists to one site and seeing first hand the benefit of on-site supervision the project expanded to include 30 Machinists across three different locations.
- Machining, Manufacturing and Assembly of Components and Complex Assemblies.

"If you are dealing with  a local labor shortage, recruiting from  the same local talent pool again and again won’t solve your staffing and business needs… a different approach to staffing is required. That’s where MADI comes in."
Joel Zimmerman