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Michele Vincent, Senior Director

Michele Vincent,
Senior Director

Since 2007, Michele Vincent has been providing contingency/crisis staffing services to F500 across nearly all industries including: Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Metals, Mining, Power Generation and Health Care.

Michele is dedicated to helping companies maintain business continuity in response to all types of labor challenges and is available to help you meet your business objectives.

Telephone: 800-780-0500 Ext. 170
Email: mvincent@madicorp.com

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2. What you get from this call:

  1. After the initial assessment, we will match you with members of our Management Team who would be responsible for meeting your objectives.

  2. You will know that we understand your company, your normal and current states, and your unique staffing needs.

  3. If it is determined that this solution is right for you, you will know what the next steps are, and what the timeline is to solve your staffing problem.


3. Following this call, you will get:

Business Continuity Contingent Staffing Plan

Our Management team will develop a plan that will meet your immediate staffing challenges. This plan will detail all the logistics related to deployment, including your timeline, production, certifications, and other industry-specific requirements.

Estimated Costs

You will also receive an Estimated Cost Proposal tailored to your specifications. 

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MADI’s high-performance teams can ramp-up faster, to reduce losses associated with labor shortages & other disruptions to your normal business operations.

  • Skilled personnel in most industries
  • All levels and certifications
  • Staff up to an entire facility
  • Short and long-term staffing available
  • Able to deploy anywhere in the USA
  • Business continuity staffing services since 1992

Unlike typical staffing agencies, MADI offers a fully managed solution:

  • All industries, skills and experience levels
  • Thorough background checks and skill certification confirmation
  • All employees must pass drug tests before each deployment
  • Fully managed payroll and administration
  • Employment insurance AND workers’ compensation included
  • Onboarding process and management for seamless integration and productivity

See how MADI has helped 500+ companies maintain business continuity in times of crisis, since 1992:

Exceeding Production Requirements


“The MADI production and security teams performed in an exemplary manner. All of our staff members felt safe and all production requirements were more than exceeded as each member of your staff exhibited the values of your company.”

- Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturer

Workforce Deployed Within 24-hours


“When we learned that the contractor with whom we had worked with for many years was suddenly unable to meet our needs, you stepped in and had more than 125 warehouse employees, CDL-A drivers and security personnel at the site within 24 hours.”

- F500 Food Service Company

About MADI

MADI is a recognized leader in helping companies manage risk and maintain business continuity by providing a full range of contingent staffing services across the United States.

Known for its high standards of productivity and effective management, MADI specializes in planning and executing solutions for clients that range from small to enterprise companies facing critical staffing challenges. 

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