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Strike Contingency Planning for Labor Union Strikes

Labor Dispute Security Picket Line

Labor Union Strike

Labor unions strike despite the level of success of your company. And while most companies hope they can resolve collective bargaining issues before they result in a work stoppage, a union strike still has the propensity to happen if the union is dissatisfied. To successfully operate during a strike, management must be prepared prior to and during your labor contract negotiations.

Issues that often cause labor union strikes:

  • Wages

  • Benefits & Industrial Fringe Costs

  • Working conditions

  • Lay-offs/outsourcing

  • Pensions

How Prepared Are You?

Exceptional Labor Dispute Management Services

MADI can provide your organization with exceptional strike contingency planning services that will help abate the effects of a labor union strike threatening your business operations and even provide the leverage to avoid a strike.

MADI has been assisting companies since the early 1990’s,  and supports companies ranging from automotive parts production and distribution to large scale steel mill operations— to strategically position them prior to, and during, labor contract negotiations.

We accomplish this by offering our expertise to your organization in developing a Business Continuity Plan to help you prepare for work stoppages. So, in the event of a labor union strike, you will remain operational. Often times because of their preparedness, our clients have obtained a favorable resolution to their labor negotiations while avoiding a union strike entirely.

Effective Strike Contingency Plans

Our strike contingency plans have effectively assisted companies faced with a potential strike by thoroughly preparing them in all areas potentially affected by labor disputes to include:

By having a Strike Contingency Plan in place well before the onset of a strike, you’re prepared to handle any and all labor disputes that may come your way.