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Business Continuity Planning Consultants Services, BCP Management Consulting Planning and Training

Business Continuity Planning Management, Consultants and Training Services

You’re in business to be profitable. There’s no getting past it. However, when it comes to businesses of every size and type, there seem to be countless obstacle and hurdles that slow you down, trip you up, and halt your progress. Without the continued progress of your business, work flow suffers, profit suffers, and your business suffers. That’s precisely why businesses must often assess their business continuation plans and seriously consider BCP training.

Business continuation plans are a simple way to do one essential thing: keep the reins. We understand that being in charge isn’t always easy, but a business continuity management plan ensures that you have every base covered. With our expert business continuity consulting, we can help ensure that your businesses continued progress and success is ready for even the most challenging obstacles

Strike Avoidance

Many businesses have experienced the effects of strike, but that doesn’t mean a business has to slow down or suffer because of a strike. MADI understands what a strike can do to a business and can mobilize a variety of resources to prepare for, prevent, and if needed, compensate for a strike.

Temporary Staffing

You never know what’s going to happen. From labor disputes to health emergencies, the obstacles to a fully staffed workforce seem to increase every year. MADI can help with business continuation planning and strong business continuity management plans to make sure your business keeps on moving; no matter what.

Strike Security

When tensions run high, security should be your first concern. Nobody wants to feel unsafe during any kind of labor dispute, which is why we offer both security and the proactive planning to optimize its effectiveness. Not only can MADI help protect your employees and ensure safety, but we know it’s important to protect your business interests as well. MADI can provide your company with professionally trained security experts and conducts security assessments as part of your business continuity assessment.

Labor Dispute Resources

When it comes to planning for business continuity, MADI can help you cover all of your bases; from BCP training for dispute mediation to security procedures. We know that business continuity involves a number of factors that many businesses may not consider. Not only can MADI consider any potential hindrance for you, but we can build a business continuity plan around them and cater to your business’ specific needs.

  • BCP for Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • BCP Training and Security Procedure Assessment
  • Business Continuity Plans for Labor Strikes
  • Business Continuity Training for Dispute Mediation
  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services
  • Unfair Labor Practices
  • Union Contract Negotiations
  • Union Rights Dispute Negotiation Training

Take Control of the Resumption Your Business Due to Work Disruption

Running a business is like keeping your finger on the pulse of your own small society. There are hundreds of minute factors that you need to remain aware of, and often it can get overwhelming. That’s where MADI can help you prepare, and ensure that all of your resources are prepared for even the slightest setback in terms of continuity. Ultimately, we view business continuity planning as an insurance plan for your company’s profits and success. Why risk the health of your business?

Your employees are the driving force of your company, and ensuring that your company continues to move along and succeed is largely dependent on their effectiveness and your effective management. Business continuity planning will help you achieve both.

For more information on business continuity planning, BCP training, strike security, temporary staffing, and labor dispute resources call MADI at 800.780.0500 or email business continuity solutions at madicorp dot com.