It's no surprise that the most read content on our blog in 2017 was related to our contract staffing services. As the skilled labor shortage across the United States continues to impact businesses, the need for temporarily relocating teams of skilled labor to ensure business continuity will only increase. 

Let's take a look at our most read contract staffing articles to help you prepare for 2018. 

Avoid Falling Behind Your Production Schedule With Temporary Workers

You're not always going to have enough staff on hand to keep up with production. What's more, if your manufacturing facility is located in a remote area or in an area where skilled labor is hard to source, traditional staffing agencies may not be able to help find the personnel you need to keep production on schedule. 

Having a labor continuity plan in place for when you're facing a staffing emergency is important for every business, but especially needed within the automotive industry where large penalties can be imposed if product is not delivered on time. Download our Labor Inventory Workbook to proactively plan for such issues. 

Harvard Business Review Estimates That 45% of Workforce Will Be Contingent by 2017

Today's companies benefit greatly from flexible workforces and it's needed in order to compete globally. It becomes even more important, in times of crisis, to be able to respond to man-made or natural disasters with the help of contingent workers. 

As of October 6, 2017 there had been 15 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the U.S., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Contingent workforces play a critical role in disaster recovery efforts to get your business back up and running. 

Trends in Contingent Staffing and Business Continuity: What Decision Makers Need to Know

Business continuity planning is often misunderstood or overlooked, however, it is a critical aspect of long-term business success regardless of industry. 

One thing that has become crystal clear, is that local labor shortages are a real threat to business continuity and are often overlooked by businesses until they're facing a dire situation. Thankfully, there are tools like this Labor Inventory Workbook to proactively help business prepare and companies like MADI that can quickly respond by mobilizing teams of 50 to 100 highly skilled employees at a time and have them acclimate to your operations quickly and seamlessly. 

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