Strike Replacement Workers

Strike Replacement Workers, Replacement Workers, Replacement Worker Shift the power to your side of the negotiating table during union contract negotiations.
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Experience the leverage a Business Continuity Plan provides when you partner with a team of reliable professionals ready to assist in the event of a work stoppage.

Highly Skilled Certified Workers

With MADI’s strike staffing consulting services, your company is uniquely positioned so that in the event of a strike, you can remain operational with experienced and skilled MADI replacement employees in each area of your operations. We differentiate ourselves from other strike staffing services by the following attributes:
  • We deploy temporary workers from our exclusive internally managed database of employees; all ofwhom are paid under MADI’s payroll and covered by our insurance benefits.
  • MADI has a zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy; 24/7. All of our employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing
  • We actively recruit employees to provide you with industry, and position, specific replacement workers
  • Due to our survey process, we supply the personnel with the experience and skills to fulfill your specific job needs
  • All of our replacement workers are closely supervised by our professional and highly experienced managers; transported to and from your facility for each shift as a team.
As part of the process in identifying which positions in your organization require strike replacements, MADI conducts a detailed analysis of your processes and required skill sets.

National Recruiting and 24/7 Management Control

Correspondingly, when MADI's strike replacement workers arrive on-site, they have very little ramp-up time because all strike staffing is matched to both the position and equipment based on prior experience.  Strike Staffing, Strike Workers, Staffing, Strike Replacement WorkerBecause MADI is fully self-contained as it relates to personnel recruiting, we are in a unique position to maintain extensive replacement worker resources-ranging from Nuclear-Qualified Plant Operators to Production Personnel.

Immediate Productivity

MADI's reputation is built upon our ability to consistently provide Business Continuity Services that place the right strike replacement workers in the right jobs, within 24-72 hours. The result of teaming with MADI for your strike replacement worker needs will be the successful continuation of operations despite the potential threats a work stoppage poses.

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