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Staffing Agency in Michigan

Similar to other states in the USA, Michigan has been recently struggling with human resources deficiencies due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To a large extent, it tackles general labor because many people do not want to have a job that does not allow them to stay home to reduce the risk of getting infected.

Such employees as mechanics, manufacturing workers, CNC machinists, brick-and-mortar shop assistants, or electricians cannot work remotely. 

They need to go out, commute to their workplace, and have contact with other people during their duty hours.

What is more, companies often need to fill many positions in their team because of their employees getting quarantined - even if they do not catch the virus at work, it may turn out someone from their household had contact with an infected person and they need to stay home.

Constant looking for new candidates to hire may be exhausting and time-consuming, but the good news is, your business does not have to use their full-time human resources specialists for recruiting.

Instead, you can use the help of the top professional company offering great staffing services in Detroit, Lansing, Southfield, and the rest of Michigan - like MADI!

MADI - a Staffing Agency with a Lot of Experience

We are known as a leader in staffing services, crisis management, security, and business continuity planning.

Our company was established in 1992, and we have been cooperating with numerous enterprises all across the United States and helping them work normally, despite some challenging circumstances.

No matter if the difficulties they deal with are associated with internal issues (like a strike or general labor shortage) or global or local problems (like the pandemic or some natural disasters), we always manage to find the right solutions.

Thanks to so many years of experience, all of the services we provide are based on the best staffing practices that worked well in numerous previous cases. Our team is highly-qualified and has great expertise in recruiting candidates for temporary staff in many different industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Bottling and Beverage Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Mining and Metals
  • Food Production and Distribution
  • Packaging
  • Telecommunications
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Defense and Aerospace


Local Help from a Nationwide-Working Staffing Agency

We work all across the United States, so without any problems, we can reach companies in Southfield, Detroit, and any other area in Michigan, providing them with the professional staffing services they need.

You will not have to travel anywhere or arrange anything - when we find workers for the jobs you need, we will take care of transporting them to your location and providing them with the essential accommodation.

It is worth reacting to a labor shortage as quickly and as effectively as possible. Otherwise, you may face many problems, including missing deadlines, getting penalties, losing revenue, and (perhaps most importantly) lowering your brand's credibility, which leads to losing customers.

It happens that even with the help of a traditional staffing agency, companies are unable to find the temporary staff that would suit all their needs. 

Fortunately, MADI works in a modern way - our search process is constantly improved and updated so that it can meet all the hiring needs of every client.

The staffing services we provide are created to help companies that deal with:

  • Too High Costs. Bear in mind that placing unskilled staff into open-skilled jobs requires the proper amount of training, which costs money and takes time.


  • Limited Access to Workers. We apply modern and tailored staffing solutions for all the employers who struggle with hiring, training, and retaining both unskilled and skilled staff for any reason.


  • High Turnover. When you decide to hire under-qualified local temporary workers who are not suitable for a particular job, it often ends up with a high turnover. 


We use a nationwide talent pool to find top candidates for the positions you need. With such a wide range of opportunities, it is not hard for us to provide you with the right staff that will be based in your company as long as you require.


  • Pandemic Difficulties. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic put many industries in a completely new position. In some of them, absenteeism is the direct problem, and in others, the customer demand is so huge that the already employed staff is not sufficient to meet it (like in, for example, the sanitary products industry).


The Benefits of Using MADI Staffing Service in Michigan

Thanks to our services, available all across Michigan and any other state, you can quickly find qualified people for any manufacturing job you need, and more. 

Here are some of the benefits you will get by choosing such a professional team like us!

Access to a Nationwide High-Quality Talent Pool

Keep in mind that to do our job as a staffing agency right, we need to have access to a ready database that we have already screened and assessed. 

We do not have to search for suitable platforms to provide candidates for particular jobs because we already have a well-developed talent pool.

Because we work nationwide, we can find temporary employees from any state that do not mind working in Michigan, so the scope of opportunities is much wider than when the search is focused on a local area.

When we find suitable candidates and after our client accepts them, we can transfer them to Southfield, Detroit, Grand Rapids, or any other place in this state.

It is definitely much faster, easier, and more convenient than asking your full-time human resources specialists to browse all job-offering portals and conduct one interview after another.

Reduced Turnover

As a professional staffing agency, we hire temporary workers that have the chance to get the necessary training and learn about the processes and methods of work before they get a permanent position.

For this reason, company turnover can be noticeably minimized, which will improve the workflow and help you to meet all the strict deadlines and not to lose your customers' trust.

Great Expertise

Although the human resources specialists in your office may also be qualified to recruit and interview potential candidates, a staffing agency is more specialized. 

We constantly look for new solutions to improve the recruiting process even further and provide employers with the best service possible.

As we are very versatile, we cooperate with people from various industries, and we know what the needs of particular kinds of employers are, so it is easier for us to find the most appropriate solutions for them.

What is more, as one of the top staffing agencies in the United States, we are constantly up-to-date with all the significant technology improvements and with the changes in trends in the job market.

Apart from that, a staffing agency is usually better-adapted to work long, tedious hours seeking and recruiting potential temporary employees than the HR based in a particular company.



The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, when you hire a staffing agency to help you to find staff for all the jobs necessary for your business in Michigan, all your employment issues will be solved quickly, conveniently, and with no effort on your side.

As we are one of the top staffing agencies in the United States, we can meet all your needs and requirements and search for properly skilled temporary workers for many jobs in various industries (such as manufacturing, food and beverage, mining and metals, and more).

Many case studies show we can always find the right solutions based on thorough expertise and the analysis of our client's job needs in a particular area.

To find out more about the offer of our staffing agency designed for Southfield, Battle Creek, Detroit, and the whole area of Michigan, you are more than welcome to contact us today!

You can either fill the form available here or call our office by phone:  800-780-0500.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and using our resources to find the top opportunities for your company!