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Industrial Talent WHEN and WHERE you need it.

MADI can deploy manufacturing and warehouse labor from our national talent network to factories anywhere in the U.S.!

  • Skilled personnel 
  • All levels and certifications
  • Staff a new production line, plant or warehouse
  • Short and long-term deployments
  • Single or multiple sites simultaneously 
  • Nationwide services since 1992
Expect a call from us within one (1) business day.

Ramp up manufacturing or warehouse operations quickly to:

  • Meet seasonal and temporary needs
  • Solve local key personnel shortages
  • Ensure business continuity due to a spike in demand, labor shortage, natural disaster, etc.
  • Supplement  your permanent staff

Nationwide services since 1992:

  • Nationwide recruiting of manufacturing and warehouse labor across industries and experience levels
  • Each MADI employee must possess the skill certifications you require
  • All employees must also pass thorough background checks and drug tests before deployment to your site
  • MADI is responsible for payroll, administration, employment insurance, and workers’ compensation
  • Onboarding process ensures seamless integration and increased productivity

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Request a quote, consult with a staffing expert within one (1) business day, and get access to industrial labor sourced from across the USA.

See how MADI has helped companies meet their business continuity needs:

The MADI Team remained on-site for six (6) weeks until the job was complete. 


“We received an unexpectedly large parts order and needed qualified personnel who could step into operations and provide the support needed to fulfill it.MADI positioned a group of CNC Machinists and Millwright/Electricians on-site to support our manufacturing operations for six (6) weeks until the job was complete.”


125 temporary personnel at the company within 24 hours


“When SYSCO Montana learned that the contractor with whom it had worked was unable to fulfill its obligation, you and your staff stepped in and had more than 125 warehouse employees, drivers and security personnel at the company within 24 hours.”


About MADI

MADI is a recognized leader in helping companies manage risk and maintain business continuity by providing a full range of contingent staffing services across the United States.

Known for its high standards of productivity and effective management, MADI specializes in planning and executing solutions for clients that range from small to enterprise companies facing critical staffing challenges. 

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