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Security Audit

security audit

Not having a Security Resource Plan because your organization never conducted a security audit puts your operations at risk for security breaches during a labor dispute. But there is a solution to your security concerns—and it is the assistance of MADI in performing a security assessment.

Experienced Security Consultants

MADI’s experienced security consultants will meet with your management team to conduct a security assessment of your facility as part of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP).The security audit should be considered another integral part of the process in ensuring that your organization not only has minimal disruptions to its operations during a labor dispute—but that it is secure and safe. Our security audit involves a detailed, on-site survey of your facility and surrounding area that assesses the physical security challenges that you face-with the information acquired during our site survey, MADI will develop a strategic course of action and recommendations regarding:

  • Critical ingress and egress points of your facility
  • Employee/customer/vendor/supplier identification
  • Potentially vulnerable areas on site
  • Deterrent security presence to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access to your facility

Additional security recommendations will include:

  • Executive protection for your management team
  • Vehicle escort security for delivery vehicles
  • Tactical security response plan for riot control
  • Employee transportation

Effective Security Preparation

Security Analysis, Security assessment, assessment, Security, Audit

Once the security assessment is completed, we will provide you with a comprehensive Security Resource Plan for your review. However, since security planning does not take place in a vacuum, we want to ensure that your organization is confident with the security plan and will continue to review the procedural process with you to make any additional enhancements should your security needs change prior to the plans implementation. Our proven and reliable security analysis will ensure that your organization will be fully prepared in advance of a labor conflict. Further you will have the confidence knowing that your business interests and personnel are protected from any threats while managing labor issues. Call MADI today for your security assessment.