“A union’s bargaining power depends upon three main elements: the right to strike, the ability to strike effectively, and the company’s ability to withstand a strike. A strike should not be undertaken lightly, for the strike is the ultimate economic weapon—and it can backfire.”

—Teamsters Strike Manual, page 1

With more than 150 large labor contracts set to expire this year, affecting more than 1.6 million workers, along with hundreds of newly-unionized employers heading to the bargaining table amidst a labor shortage, it is likely that the nation will see more strikes in 2023 than it has in years.

In this bonus episode, Peter List of Labor Relations Radio and a past guest of ours, interviews Michele Vincent, Senior Director of Marketing & Sales for MADICORP and host of The US Manufacturing Workforce Podcast. She discusses strike contingency planning and what companies need to know if they plan on continuing operations in the event of a labor dispute.

Although MADICORP no longer provides strike contingency planning, strike staffing or strike security services, they do have 30 years of expertise in doing so, and Michele shares some of that expertise in this episode. For further insights, check out Michele's recent episode Caterpillar & UAW: Gearing up for a Potential Strike.

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With over 35 years of experience in fixing employee relations challenges and dealing with "union issues", Peter's past 25 years have been focused on consulting with companies who want to listen to their employees. Check out the Labor Relations Radio podcast here.



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