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Business Continuity Training Plan, Business Continuation Management Planning

Business Continuity Training

When it comes to business continuity training, MADI will teach your company proven techniques that employ industry best practices-tools that will successfully enable your company to implement its Business Continuity Plan with confidence and ease.

Minimize Production Disruptions

With necessary business continuity training, your company minimizes financial and production disruptions to your business operations for the long-term. Some of the basic principles of business continuity training involve:

  • Operations impact analysis – understanding the risks
  • Effective business continuity planning – creating a plan of action
  • Efficient continuity management – strategies to keep your operations running
  • Crisis management – managing internal and external communications
  • Review of business continuity training program – evaluation and updating plan

Successful in Avoiding Work Stoppages

Based on these business continuity training principles, a majority of our clients have successfully avoided work stoppages during union contract negotiations; more importantly, they are also ready to continue operations should the strike occur.

The techniques involved in business continuity training employ logical structuring of a course of action which is outlined in detail in a Business Continuity Plan that has been customized for your facility.

MADI’s business continuity consultants will guide your company in developing a Business Continuity Plan that will effectively position you at the negotiating table, assisting in your efforts of mitigating a work stoppage situation.

Some key benefits of having MADI provide business continuity training:

  • We employ the industry’s best practices to ensure a solid plan of action.
  • MADI’s support in the planning process places your company in a position of power during contract negotiations.
  • Our BCP and corresponding standby temporary labor security allows senior management to have peace of mind knowing their business will continue to thrive during a strike.

MADI is Here to Help

Companies have come to rely on MADI for the business continuity training expertise that has aided in strike avoidance.

So in the event of a disruption, or threat of a disruption, to the production of goods and services you provide to your customers-with the extensive business continuity training MADI provides, your facility will have trained and experienced workers on site quickly and efficiently.

The result-your company’s continued success.