One essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) in industry and manufacturing is Safety Glasses. Today’s safety glasses are designed to protect wearers from impact, dust, chemical splashes, heat, and much more as defined by American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, ANSI/ISEA Z87.

Eye Protection for Coronavirus

If you're looking for information related to eye protection for COVID-19, you can find information on the CDC website which breaks down PPE strategies for conventional capacity, contingency capacity, and crisis capacity. 


Top-rated brands of 2018, ranked by workers like you

Safety glasses come in a dizzying variety of frames and frame enhancements from wrap-around, adjustable, rubberized or padded nose, brow, and temple areas, foam gaskets, lanyards and “fit-over “models; different lens types, including glass, polycarbonate, and trivex, all of which contribute to the weight and levels of protection, comfort and scratch resistance, as well as cost; and lens colors and coatings including anti-fog, anti-mist and anti-static too. 

Who knew that such a “simple” piece of safety equipment could be so complex, and we wanted to know what folks who use safety glasses for protection on the job prefer and why.

Amazon's Best Rated Safety Goggles & Glasses

One great source we found to figure this out was Amazon's "best rated" in their safety goggles and glasses store. Here is a digest of how actual Amazon buyers rank the top safety glasses available today. You will see that thousands of users like you have rated these products, and prefer different brands and types for a variety of reasons.

What brands do you or your company use? And why do you like them?

NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses with Anti Scratch Wrap-Around Lenses, ANSI Z87 and OSHA certification, Adjustable Arms and UV 400 protection, Black and Orange Frames

4.8 out of 5 | 535 customer reviews total
511 of the 535 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

These ANSI listed safety glasses are great for use alone or over your prescription eyewear. They will fit prescription glasses up to 147 mm (5-3/4 in,) wide with lenses and frames up to 43 mm (1-5/8 in) high (depending on exact shape. The nose piece is fixed and should fit most average sized adults. If you have a thin nose, you may need to add some adhesive nose-pads to get a snug fit.

Other User Comments:

The Best designed and constructed protective over-glasses I found so far! 

GREAT safety glasses. Fit well, fit under ear protects well.

BEST Safety glasses over glasses out on the market!

Pyramex S4110SMP Intruder Safety Glasses (12 Pack), Clear Lens with Assorted Temple Colors

4.7 out of 5 | 861 customer reviews total
822 of the 861 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

I am really impressed with these glasses. I was tired of always searching for my safety glasses, so I decided to buy a box and just pull a new pair whenever I couldn't find the last pair. In my auto shop there is no excuse for not wearing glasses. While using an angle grinder the cutting wheel exploded and sent 1/3 of the blade into my face. The piece hit the lens so hard that the impact caused the glasses to give me a black eye. Had I not been wearing them, or had the glasses not been of good quality I would have certainly lost my eye. These are both durable and affordable which means you have no excuse to not wear eye protection, regardless of the task.

Other User Comments:

Fine for the price, not for heavy use

Good price for good eye protection 

AWESOME value and great purchase

NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around Lenses and No-Slip Grips, UV Protection. Adjustable, Black & Green Frames

4.6 out of 5  |  1,654 customer reviews total
1,480 of the 1,654 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

The glasses are great we use them in a temperature controlled warehouse the vision is clear with no distortion and they do not fog up.The ledge above the eye is what I was looking for to avoid debris from entering and to date this is working out great. Unlike other glasses that have rubber around the eyes you eventually sweat and then became very itchy along with the vision being distorted. Bottom line you pay for what you get! I'll be purchasing these again in the future.

Other User Comments:


Best safety glasses I've found.

I will admit that these glasses are very comfortable and do not fog up very easily, however they are far from scratch resistant.

NoCry Safety Sunglasses with Green Tinted Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around Lenses and No-Slip Grips, UV 400 Protection. Adjustable, Black & Green Frames

4.6 out of 5 | 399 customer reviews total
363 of the 399 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

I like these because they curve around the sides of your face more than a lot of brands, a feature that helps that debris not to ricochet in at odd angles into your eyes. Also, glasses will often sit on your face and leave an uncomfortable amount of pressure across the ridge of your nose, as well as on your ears, if you're sensitive to that kinda thing....but these don't. The adjustable hinges are a big selling point here for me, too. I've already suggested some to a friend and to a few co-workers as well. If you're looking for utility in design, I definitely suggest these glasses.

Other User Comments:


I like these because they curve around the sides of my face

Fit my very large head quite nicely. Very pleased with this purchase

Dewalt DPG59-120C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 2.0 Clear Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve

4.5 out of 5  | 1,540 customer reviews total
1,288 of the 1,540 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

This is my second attempt at safety glasses with Bi-focals. The first pair were Radians and are not any where near the quality of the Dewalts. The Dewalt glasses have a MUCH smoother transition from normal to bifocal. The 'blur' line is minimal and normal to a real pair of bifocal glasses.

The fit of the glasses is really nice and comfortable. I have worn them for a couple hours at a crack and haven't had any issues or headaches from pinching. The yellow rubber pieces near the rear help keep the glasses from slipping forward when I bend over.

Other User Comments:

Nice fit and clear glass.

DeWalt has the best balance between far sight and reading magnification.

Dewalt DPG59-225C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 2.5 Smoke Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve

4.5 out of 5 | 997 customer reviews total
846 of the 997 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars 

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

At work we are required to wear safety glasses and these have magnifiers built into them. I have the tinted and clear glasses and they are lifesavers. Problem with most of these is that you either must tilt head way back or look way down and hold items you are looking at low. I'm an electrician, if we are hanging fixtures on a ladder you are looking up when you install and then you must tilt head even further to get to view through magnification portion of lens, after 20-30 lights, your neck tends to get a little stiff!! They come with a protective sheathe that keeps lenses from getting scratched, nothing worse than safety glasses scratched up.

Other User Comments:

These safety glasses are one of the best deals going

 My new favorite “sunglasses.”

These glasses are sturdy, not flimsy.

3M Tekk 11329 Virtua Anti-Fog Safety Glasses, Clear Frame, Clear Lens, 10-PACK

4.5 out of 5 | 844 customer reviews total
754 of the 844 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

There are plenty of choices for safety glasses, and just as many price points. You can spend as much as you want - it all depends on your needs. If you need a set that stays on your head for 8 hours a day, are a critical component to your job, and need to be scratch/fog resistant and have perfect optics - look elsewhere, these won't meet those requirements. But, if you want a serviceable set of safety glasses that do the job on a temporary basis, and won't break the bank - give these a look. These glasses fall into the no-brainer category if you are looking for bang for the buck.

Other User Comments:

These glasses are hard to beat in the bang for the buck category

Almost perfect

Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses

4.5 out of 5 | 456 customer reviews total 
401 of the 456 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

The glasses don't weight much and are so comfortable that I don't even notice them on my face. I love that the frame just goes across the top of the lenses. I had a pair with full black frames and I didn't like how much of my peripheral vision was obscured. These keep your field of view wide open. They make me feel safe, let me see clearly, they look good and I don't even know that I'm wearing them. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend.

Other User Comments:

 Great so far!

 I love these glasses

Winner on side by side with Dewalts.

Dewalt DPG54-1D Protector Clear High Performance Lightweight Protective Safety Glasses with Wraparound

 4.5 out of 5 | 361 customer reviews total
324 of the 361 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

DeWalt's description of these glasses is accurate. Lightweight protection that wraps around the head is more than just comfortable--it's easy to forget that you are wearing them. These glasses shield the eyes from anything that might fly off a chain, blade or bit. They don't fog up like goggles, and their flexibility gives a snug fit that feels custom-made. They even go a long way in protecting the eyes from airborne dust. Good looking, too. (If they were tinted, you could wear them to the beach). For outdoors and in and to have a pair always handy, I am ordering more of these. [User note: these are not designed to be worn over eye glasses.]

Other User Comments:

Wraparound safety and comfort

Good quality, nice fitting.

Pyramex Safety Emerge Safety Glasses with Reader Lenses Option

 4.4 out of 5 | 342 customer reviews total
304 of the 342 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

First of all, they are a great size. They are large enough for people with bigger heads (my head is medium sized, but my cheek bones are high so I end up having the same challenges as large headed folks - like my father), so what works for them works for me. I also love that these don't "curve" around your head like a half circle would. In other words, the front "plane" is pretty flat, like wayfarer sunglasses. So this fits people with larger heads, flatter noses/bridges, bug eyes (like mine), etc. GREAT FIT. 

Other User Comments:

 Very comfortable and safe.

Very clear depth of view

Very good

Encon Wraparound Veratti 307 Safety Glasses, Clear Lens, Translucent Blue Frame (Pack of 1)

 4.3 out of 5 | 546 customer reviews total
450 of the 546 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Overall Safety Glasses Review:

I have tried other glasses and had comfort issues with them especially by the end of a 9 or 10 hour shift. Not with these! They are very comfortable and with the rubber nose piece they stay in place. The arms are nice and thin which is great because I pick orders using a voice pick system and wearing a headset with these glasses causes no ear discomfort. I love these glasses and will definitely be purchasing more as needed!

Other User Comments:

I Forget I Have Them On!

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