Below is a list of top Machining YouTube channels to check out and subscribe to. Criteria for making this list include having over 10,000 subscribers and a recent video uploaded within the past 3 months.  

In order of most subscribers, we have Clickspring, This Old Tony, NYC CNC, Abom 79, MrPete222, MyfordBoy, Keith Rucker, Keith Fenner, oxtoolco, DoubleBoost, JohnGrimsmo, Titans of CNC, Joe Pieczynski, Halligan142, Stefan Gotteswinter, Keith Appleton, THATLAZYMACHINIST, ROBRENZ, Shadon HKW, Edge Precision, Randy Richard, BasementShopGuy, OutsideScrewBall, and Trainman4602.

Clickspring - 356,948 YouTube Subscribers 

About Clickspring

I'm Chris from Clickspring, and I create home machine shop project videos with a focus on clock making technology. Join me as I make an authentic replica of The Antikythera Mechanism from raw metal stock, as well as a wide selection of tools for use in the home machine shop.

You can also help make these project videos, and access additional content - visit the page for more information.  



 This Old Tony - 355,880 YouTube Subscribers 

About This Old Tony 

Home machining videos with a variety of different projects.  



NYC CNC - 245,204 YouTube Subscribers 


The NYC CNC YouTube channel focuses on all things CNC, including Fusion 360 CAD & CAM Tutorials and CNC Machining parts on our Tormach and HAAS CNC Machines.

As a self-taught machinists, we enjoy a positive, can-do attitude about learning how to use CAD and CAM software and how to always improve our CNC Machining skills as well as striving to be better manufacturing entrepreneurs.



Abom 79 - 207,629+ YouTube Subscribers 

About Abom79

Hello, my name is Adam. Welcome to my home machine shop. I like to take videos of my work and share them with others here. You may find some clips from some of the work I do at my other job as well mixed in. We are a family owned business that was started in 1972, and today I carry on the tradition as a third generation machinist. I try to be helpful and informative with my job and work descriptions in hopes that others my learn the machining trade as well. I like to use my GoPro HD cameras to make clear and enjoyable videos to watch. You may also find a few other personal videos of my family and I, as well as some road trip and local exploration videos of the Gulf Coast from time to time. Please feel free to post comments and questions about my work. I hope you guys enjoy!



Mr.Pete222 - 182,686 YouTube Subscribers 

About Mr.Pete222

My channel is devoted to the wonderful world of MACHINE SHOP! I have about 950 video demonstrations on the Bridgeport mill & South Bend, Atlas, Clausing, and Logan Lathes. There is also groups of videos on the subjects of FOUNDRY, MODEL ENGINES, TRACTORS, ANTIQUE ENGINES & much more.
52 Million video views is proof that there is something of interest for you. 



MyfordBoy - 152,330 YouTube Subscribers 

About MyfordBoy

Welcome to the myfordboy channel. My user name comes from my lathe which is a British made Myford, nothing to do with the Ford motor company.

My main interest is model engineering and there are videos showing some of the engines I have built and also videos showing how some parts were machined.

There is a series of videos showing how I cast my own metal parts mostly using easily found materials.
To encourage builders without workshop equipment to make something I have on offer FREE of charge, plans for some easy to make Stirling cycle engines. There are full construction videos of these engines here on my YouTube channel. These are very popular and thousands of plans have been sent out. 



Keith Rucker - 116, 405+ YouTube Subscribers

About Keith Rucker: 

This is my channel where I shoot video of some of my favorite things.  I enjoy working on and restoring all kinds of vintage machinery - from woodworking machines, metal working machines, old farm equipment, steam engines, and steam locomotives.  I spend a lot of my spare time volunteering at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture where I help to restore and keep their machinery up and running.


Keith Fenner - 111,442+ YouTube Subscribers 

About Keith Fenner

I'm Keith Fenner and this is my Job Shop. Join me as I perform old school repair jobs by drilling, milling, grinding, welding, plasma cutting, broaching and metalworking on a lathe. At Turn Wright Machine Works, we walk the talk and getter done!

After school, I started my career in naval ship repair as an outside machinist working as a civilian contractor at the helper level. 13.5 years later I had worked on almost every navy vessel in San Diego's harbor, 32nd Street, North Island and Point Loma. I added the classification of an inside machinist to my cap, and the capability of holding any personnel level in the work force.

After that I worked for two small companies that I helped to grow. In return, I gained my welding and shafting experience, before eventually taking a leave of absence to start my own business in 1994 - Turn Wright Machine Works - homesteading my talents here on Cape Cod. 


 oxtoolco - 85,948+ YouTube Subscribers 

About Ox Tools with Tom Lipton: 

The Oxtoolco YouTube channel is an ongoing video journal of a life spent designing and building special tools, instruments, and mechanical devices for the scientific, medical, product development, and metal working industries It is also a place to share and expand skills and techniques among other practitioners. 



DoubleBoost - 55,486 YouTube Subscribers 

About DoubleBoost

Welcome to Doubleboost... home of my machining and metal casting shop and the famous Jet Powered Go Kart. Here you'll find in-depth project videos on casting, tempering, molding, welding, TIG welding, dividing heads, sand casting, milling, lathe work and thread cutting with aluminium, bronze and brass. Stick around and you'll get the occasional look at some amazing steam engines. 



JohnGrimsmo - 55,159 YouTube Subscribers 

About JohnGrimsmo: 

Learn about CNC machining, and methods for making knives and tools from John Grimsmo and the Grimsmo Knives team.

After starting in his garage in 2008, John Grimsmo became a self-taught CNC machinist. With lots of encouragement from his wife, Meg, he dedicated one day a week to making knives and documenting the process on Youtube, and he called this series "Knife Making Tuesday". It wasn't too long before John's brother Erik partnered with him, and his father-in-law joined them as their accountant. Now the business has grown to 6 people, and shows no signs of stopping. John hopes to be an inspiration for anyone going into manufacturing, and encourages everyone to "just start". His Full-Grimsmo philosophy pushes him to pursue perfection in everything he does.

Titans of CNC: Academy - 53,391 YouTube Subscribers 

About Titans of CNC Academy

Subscribe to this channel if you want to join the Manufacturing Revolution and take your Manufacturing Education to the Highest Level.

TITANS of CNC Academy offers Revolutionary CNC Education all available for FREE. Learn to become a CNC Machinist or a CNC Programmer through our advanced training Academy, TODAY! Access hundreds of CAD models, prints and video tutorials at the click of a button.




Joe Pieczynski - 44,102+ Subscribers

About Joe Pieczynski: 

My channel is intended to share a variety of insider tips and tricks designed to help tradesman and hobby machinists get the job done. I have been in industry since 1976 and have learned from some very talented people. Chet, George, Frank.....many thanks. My work has been commissioned by the US Bureau of Standards and the National research council of Canada. I have contributed graphics used in the motion picture industry and currently hold a Guinness World Record. Advanced Innovations, LLC is a product development, prototype and short run production shop located north of Austin Texas. 



Halligan142 - 39,347 YouTube Subscribers

About Halligan142

General Machining, tips, "how-to's", and projects plus much more.  Home shop friendly!  Ever wonder what a smaller lathe can do? Subscribe and find out just how much can be done with a Home/Hobby shop sized lathe and equipment including a 9" Southbend lathe, Southbend 14" drill press, horizontal band saw and other odds and ends. 



Stefan Gotteswinter - 39,030 YouTube Subscribers 

About Stafan Gotteswinter: 

Manual and cnc machining, a lot of miniature machining, some minor fabrication work and a lot of shopmade tools.

Working as a machinist in a prototyping shop I run a cnc router and do CAM work for a living. In my homeshop I can work as slow and inefficient as I want and give some honour back to the old manual machines like the shaper and the pantograph milling machine. 



Keith Appleton - 36,407 YouTube Subscribers 

About Keith Appleton's Channel

Model Steam Engines, Music, Audio & Video Recording, Steam Engines, Hammond Tonewheel Organs - Mechanical things in general ... 



THATLAZYMACHINIST - 31,128+ YouTube Subscribers


I enjoy making videos for aspiring machinists, I hope you enjoy watching them. Remember, machining should be fun! But it has to be safe! Marc L'Ecuyer


ROBRENZ - 22,284+ YouTube Subscribers

About Robrenz: 

Practitioner of the Mechanical Arts.

Shadon HKW - 20,976+ YouTube Subscribers 

About Shadon HKW: 

The life of a millwright, lower than a tool and die maker, lower than a machinist, above a contractor, wheres a body to fit in?

I choose to spend my spare time in the shop repairing and restoring vintage machinery, I work as a systems installer, I install for HAAS, AFC systems, GFS and ITW toolworks. 

Edge Precision - 19,069+ YouTube Subscribers

About Edge Precision: 

CNC Machining in Houston Texas.

Randy Richard In The Shop - 15,507 YouTube Subscribers 

About Randy Richard In The Shop

I enjoy showing shop projects I have built involving; Machining, Woodworking, Welding, Metalworking.  I am a retired Marine Engineer with 30 years of seagoing experience.  I am also a Airframe and Powerplant FAA Certified Mechanic and Private Pilot.  I also enjoy Fly Tying and Flyfishing, I have been flytying and flyfishing for over 45 years.  I will be posting (hopefully) How To, DIY and Educational videos in all of these area's.  Please visit my shop and Subscribe, Comment and Like. 

BasementShopGuy - 15,180+ YouTube Subscribers 

About BasementShopGuy 

My name is Brad. I'm from eastern Pennsylvania. My 3 passions in life are shop work, music and fishing. Shop work is the focus of this channel. Throughout my high school years, I was grooming myself to become a machinist, but once I graduated, I decided to work with my father and became a carpenter. A decision that I've regretted, since. My current career is with computers and IT. When I'm not working, I'm down in my home machine shop making improvements or fixing up some old machinery, in the hopes to do some work on the side. The videos on this channel will thrust me into the spotlight chronicle my journey - as I build up my shop and try to get my first jobs. Come along with me for the ride. Hope you enjoy them! 

OutsideScrewBall - 10,770 YouTube Subscribers 

About OutsideScrewBall: 

The OUTSIDESCREWBALL channel are videos from a home shop hobbyist. The purpose of my channel is to share lessons learned, ideas, builds and experiences in a easy fun manner...hence part of the channel name SCREWBALL as I like to enjoy life and have fun!

My name is Chuck Bommarito, in my younger days I worked as a mechanic and then in the Public Works department as a maintenance worker/equipment operator. For the last 37 years I have worked as construction manager in the homebuilding/commercial construction. Over the years I have built a wide variety of product and with extreme site conditions...a true learning experience.

I have always had a passion for problem solving and in the recent past years I have picked up machining as a hobby and I have been trying to learn all of the facets along with improving my skills. 

Trainman4602 - 10,187 YouTube Subscribers 

About Trainman4602: 

I Have be building and running miniature steam locomotives for 45 years. I build them from scratch. I get the original prints from museums and archival sources and make the drawings patterns and in some cases the castings. I then machine them and assemble then. 

What Machinist YouTube channels would you add to our list? Add a link in the comments below! 

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