Keeping your resume up-to-date and accurate is a critical aspect of finding your next job. Here are 7 Tips that will help make your skilled trades resume easily readable and more attractive to recruiters. 

Resume Tips For Production Workers, Skilled Trades and Craftsmen. 

1.) Job Order 

Make sure your most recent job is listed at the top of your resume and that the oldest is at the bottom. Resumes are best kept short (no more than 2 pages is best); so, depending upon how many jobs you've had, consider different formatting or removing irrelevant/old jobs. 

2.) Start/End Dates

Include month/year for start and end dates for each job. In the description, explain what you were responsible for rather than listing skills. This will provide a more complete picture of your experience. 

3.) Licenses & Certifications 

Place licenses, certifications, etc. at the top of your resume as recruiters will be looking for these first. Without this information clearly listed on your resume, you risk not being contacted for potential jobs that you're qualified for. 

4.) Industry Standard Keywords 

Recruiters frequently use computer software to parse resumes -- which essentially means software is analyzing your resume so that the employer can easily search through hundreds of resumes by keywords. If the software doesn't find relevant keywords within your resume, a recruiter may never even SEE your resume. Scary, right? Because of this, you'll want to make sure that you're using industry-standard keywords throughout your resumes AND industry-standard job titles. 

5.) Formatting 

Formatting and readability is very important. It may not be a deal breaker, however, you'll want to make it easy for the recruiter to identify that you're qualified so that they pick up the phone and contact you. There are plenty of free templates that can be used to make this simple for you. If your resume has formatting issues, consider downloading a new template and copying your info into it rather than adding to or adjusting the one you've been using. 

6.) Proofreading  

Any time you adjust your resume, remember to hit spell check to catch any spelling and grammar errors. If you can, have someone else proofread your resume as well, as there are issues that won't be caught by spell check. 

7.) Contact Information  

Make sure that ALL of your contact information is accurate and up-to-date especially if you've changed email addresses, phone numbers or recently moved. Double and triple check this before sending out your resume.

Tip: Make sure the email address listed on your resume is professional and not something that may prohibit a recruiter from contacting you. If necessary, create a new one with your name specifically for employment. There are plenty of free email providers to use, such as gmail, yahoo, or

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Resume tips for production workers, skilled trades w, and craftsmen. orkers

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