Operational processes often define how an organization runs. In sectors like manufacturing, Lean, Six Sigma and other principles have taken a firm hold on management ideologies and contributed to innovation. In many cases a company will adapt these principles to meet its own specific needs. Companies are also realizing that the kind of process strategies needed to maintain operations during a disruption of any kind may best be handled by outside third-party that specializes in business continuity services. This disparity however can make it difficult fort the third party to step in and keep everything running smoothly.

Understanding the shifting process climate

Business methodologies often change, and there are plenty of reasons why. Methodologies like Six Sigma and Lean emerge to solve specific operational problems that exist when other methodologies have failed. Over time, the benefits of these kinds of process architectures pay dividends. Then new data based methodologies emerge and the process continues.

Working with a business continuity provider that simply follows their defined process without flexibility may not give you the responsiveness you need to get your job done. Elite business continuity providers not only understand the theory, they have the experience to adapt to real conditions in real time and apply practical applications that work.

Taking advantage of a flexible process framework

Business continuity providers of this class are able to analyze, understand and mesh different process methodologies to create an individualized operational framework that meets the needs of each client as efficiently and effectively. This can prove invaluable to manufacturers trying to undergoing a physical risk management planning process or responding to a disruption like a strike. An adaptable and customizable process makes it much easier for the provider to step in and take on the client's operations with minimal down time.

Business continuity vendors of this class are to be able to step in take over the vast majority of operations which frees up management attention to meet the external challenges it faces.

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