Here's what companies and corporations can do manage risk and protect their People, Property, Product and Brands in a crisis situation:

1.) Internal Communication: Open and maintain communication channels with management, staff and emergency responders (if necessary).
2.) Assemble Resources: Teams comprised of both in-house and outside professionals at the ready that can assist people and/or repair property or products.
3.) Security: Be ready to deploy teams to protect people, property or products at a moment’s notice.
4.) Documentation: Make sure to document incidents both electronically and photographically for use as potential evidence in court.
5.) Ongoing Improvement: Develop management team that will be responsible for an after-action review of what was done right and what needs to be improved.

MADI Deploys Tactical Security Officers to Missouri

Back in August, MADI assembled a team of top tier Protection Officers that deployed to Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri within 12 hours of the request.

Emotions boiled over between officers and citizens, leading to confrontations and the use of tear gas over a period of more than a week. Protecting our client’s employees and equipment were the primary goals of MADI’s efforts, and we were able to achieve those goals due to one key factor – experience.

When dealing with an ongoing crisis like this one in Ferguson, which has the potential to spread across the region and the country, it is essential that the security team has the experience needed to adapt in real time and protect the clients’ interests.

MADI’s team then and now includes a variety of individuals who all have experience in crisis situations. Some are former FBI agents, including those with experience of crises such as the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombings, and others including military veterans who served in war zones including Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is important the security personnel are able to employ best practices so clients can do their jobs and remain protected, even in an ongoing crisis like this one.

Crisis Security Services

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