If you're looking to boost your career and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in your craft, listening to podcasts is a great way to do so. Since podcasts are easily accessible from your smartphone or tablet, they're convenient to listen to while traveling to and from work, exercising or relaxing at home. 

Here are 5 podcasts to help you stay motivated, engaged and perhaps learn a few tips and tricks along the way. 

1.) Blue Collar Proud Show 

The BCP podcast interviews thousands of blue-collar business owners who are making their businesses stronger. The show is hosted by Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill and features a variety of interviews with leading authors, speakers, and coaches as well. 

2.) Electrician's Success Podcast

This podcast by the Electrician Success ACADEMY is made up of Successful Electrician Interviews and Inside Response. The Electrician interviews are with some of the most successful electricians in the electrical industry and they offer up tips, tricks, ideas and their overall point of view on the industry to help you grow and improve within your profession. Inside Response is a discussion of what the trainer of Electricians Success ACADEMY is doing now within his own business. 

3.) Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

This podcast hosted by Jody Collier, Jonathan Lews and Roy Crumrine talks about welding tips and tricks from a Welder's point of view. Listen to welding shop talk while welding or driving home from work! 

4.) Business of Machining

This podcast by John Grimsmo and John Saunders is about their success, struggles, goals and more as Machinists, business owners and entrepreneurs. 

5.) The Manufacturing Report 

The Alliance for American Manufacturing President, Scott Paul, chats with factory workers, manufacturing experts, and policymakers to find out what it will actually take to create more blue-collar jobs and strengthen our industrial base. 

What are your favorite podcasts related to your craft? Share them in the comments below. 

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