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Increase production with a national manufacturing staffing agency


As the manufacturing industry has been growing in recent years, factories need more and more industrial workers. For this reason, many production companies often need to find a new workforce to have all the operations taken care of. To make this process much easier, it is worth finding a skilled, permanent recruiting business partner - a manufacturing staffing agency with high experience, just like ours! 


The Advantages of Hiring a Manufacturing Staffing Agency

Hiring a staffing agency that specializes in manufacturing workers will provide your company with many advantages, especially if you choose MADI. We have the access to a national talent pool that can provide you with lots of opportunities. Also, we work nationwide and we are able to staff any location within the United States. Your company will be taken care of at every stage of the cooperation, as we always provide on-site management of the workforce. Keep on reading to learn more about the advantages of hiring an excellent manufacturing staffing agency!

Temporary Workforce Development

Manufacturing staffing agencies can not only search for candidates for permanent jobs. The offer is usually rich in various services, including hiring temporary production workers with all the necessary skills. It happens that there is a sudden shift in the demands of the clients and you need to find additional people to work in your industrial facilities as soon as possible. At the same time, you are aware that it is only for a short time, and you may not want to sign a long-term contract with these new manufacturing employees. A qualified manufacturing staffing agency can provide you with a temporary backup team that will help you to keep on track and focus on your work instead of starting a recruitment process every time an emergency appears.

Reducing the Time-Consuming and Costly Industrial Employee Training

One of the crucial aspects of having the best manufacturing business possible is to hire skilled workers who can do high-quality work. However, industrial training is very time-consuming and expensive - nevertheless, it is essential for all the workers to know how to use the production machines and move around the facility safely and efficiently. Manufacturing staffing agencies have a solution to this problem - they are recruiting only skilled workers with the necessary experience. It is better than hiring inexperienced candidates because, in this way, you do not have to organize such detailed industrial training. Even if the recruitment process has to last long in this case, it will eventually help you to save time and money.

Money Savings

When choosing a manufacturing staffing agency like ours, there will be costs such as hotel rooms, rental vehicles, and round-trip coach airfare. Nevertheless, we can help you to save money in other areas. For instance, you do not have to pay to advertise your job ads or conduct recruiting and screening activties. When working with us, you will be provided with the best candidates who have appropriate industrial skills and experience so they acclimate quickly to your operations. 

Access to a More Comprehensive Talent Pool

One of the top advantages of working with a manufacturing staffing agency like MADI to to staff your plant is that we have access to a national talent pool of production and skilled trades workers. For this reason, we can more easily find skilled, qualified, and experienced employees and we can provide large amounts of workers. Your company just needs to specify who you are looking for and what plants you need to be staffed.

Once we select personnel with the skills and experience you're looking, we coordinate all of the logistics to get those people to you in an efficient manager. If you want them working on a Monday, we'll deploy them the weekend prior, get them settled in, their paperwork finalized, and then our Supervisors will bring all personnel to the plant as a group, on time, ahead of their scheduled shift(s). 

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