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Trained and Professional Security Personnel

Professional Security, Personnel Security MADI Protection Services’ Evidence Specialists provide 24-hour protection of personnel and property as they enter and exit your property, discouragement of picketing individuals from committing unlawful acts, and consistent professional gathering and maintenance of evidence of union misconduct, in compliance with National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) regulations.

Security Resource Plan

Fortune 500 companies have depended upon our security expertise to provide and implement a Security Resource Plan in the event of a labor dispute. But regardless of the size of an organization’s operations, our security personnel may either be pre-deployed prior to the onset of a strike, or can immediately respond when a labor dispute occurs. Further, we will help you maintain active and updated personnel security guidelines so you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Unsurpassed Security Services

Personnel Security, personnel

Experienced Security Team

Our security personnel services include a skilled set of security managers who have experience and training in the following:
  • High-risk security
  • Videography / 35mm photography
  • Evidence gathering and preservation maintained within a verifiable chain of custody and is submitted to your labor counsel in court-admissible format, providing effective support for temporary restraining orders
  • Field/medical/first-aid
  • Various OSHA/MSHA-mandated training as required by some client industries
  • NLRA compliance
Other Protective Services
We are able to successfully service our clients because of the reliability of our personnel security services. Their strengths are based on several key attributes: training, discipline, skills, and the unyielding commitment to keep our clients secure and operational. Before we develop a Security Resource Plan for your organization, a security specialist will meticulously evaluate all assets that may require security services. The Security Resource Plan is prepared based on site specific needs which are a function of size, location, and existing security measures. And when our security services are required, MADI will be there ready to serve your organization in areas such as:
  • Client headquarters protection
  • Special event security
  • Workplace violence prevention