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COVID19 Crisis Response

MADI has a long history of protecting companies during times
of crisis and the Coronavirus pandemic is no different. 

Our employees rose to the challenge to keep Americans safe and businesses operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  

RB Crew


Increased Production of Cleaning & Disinfecting Products

Our employees have been tirelessly working since March to support the increased production of disinfectant wipes to ensure our workplaces and homes remain clean throughout the pandemic. 

Our team of Line Techs, Maintenance and Production Associates continue to support our client, a multinational consumer goods company, so that American's have access to cleaning products as we continue to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Pandemic home renovation boom.

When businesses shut down at the beginning of the pandemic and American's were stuck at home, many stayed busy with home renovation projects. As a result, hardware companies saw unexpected increases in consumer demand. 

One of the world's largest hardware retail cooperatives turned to MADI to provided immediate warehouse staffing support to 9 distribution centers in 9 different states. 

By working with a national crisis staffing agency like MADI, they were able to strategically deploy and relocate experienced Order Selectors and Reach Truck operators as their needs evolved throughout the course of the pandemic. 

Warehouse Group Photo


                              Lakeshia, Packaging Associate ▼Packaging of test tubes for COVID-19 test kits


Increased Production of VTM Tubes for COVID-19 Sample Collection

When an American supplier of scientific instrumentation contracted with the United States government to supply VTM for collection of COVID-19 samples, it needed to ramp up production from 50,000 units per week to 8 million per week.

The company added 120,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity, but couldn't hire 300 local personnel fast enough so they reached out to MADI for help. 

Drawing from our national talent pool, we rapidly deployed 150+ production and packaging associates within a few weeks and supported their operations for 3 months until full-time employees could be hired from the local area. 


Supporting The Automotive Supply Chain 

COVID-19 shut down 93% of all U.S. automotive production back in March of 2020 when the pandemic began impacting American businesses and companies were trying to figure out how to operate their plants safely. 

Once major automakers and suppliers restarted production, many scrambled to bring back full-time employees and local temps due to the historic shift in the labor market. 

Automotive suppliers from Missouri, to Michigan and Georgia began reaching out to MADI to quickly deploy Assemblers, Machine Operators and other types of manufacturing labor to help get production back up and running at their plants. 


          Sheronica, Production Associate ▼Automotive Production Associate Sheronica 600x


Whatever staffing challenges you face,
MADI is here to support you and your business. 

If you are facing labor shortages that can affect your production deadlines...