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Prepare for Union Contract Negotiations With a Strike Contingency Plan

Collective Bargaining 

Union contract negotiations between labor and management can create strain in a company as one side may try to gain power over the other during the negotiation process. Whether the employees are demanding an increase in wages and/or benefits or your management team is looking for ways to increase productivity —when union bargaining is underway conflict frequently exists and it’s often stressful for both sides.

Your organization needs to be prepared for a work stoppage even while working toward a successful resolution to union contract negotiations.

Key points to think about when entering a union contract negotiation:

  • Despite the balance of power between labor and management, your business needs to remain operational.
  • Even a short work stoppage can impact your customer relationships unless a professional response is implemented.

MADI can provide you the assurance you need when entering into union negotiations by helping you develop strike contingency strategies prior to your union bargaining sessions. Proven time and again, MADI’s valuable support in strike contingency planning and providing strike replacement workers and strike security teams increases a company’s negotiating power during union contract negotiations.

Unparalleled Strike Contingency Planning & Labor Dispute Management Services

Since the early 1990s, MADI has provided unparalleled business continuity consulting services to some of the largest producers of goods and services in the United States who rely upon our expertise to aid them during their union negotiations. Learn more about our labor dispute management services here