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For the assurance that your business and salaried personnel will be protected during a strike, there is only one security contractor you should rely upon— MADI.

Comprehensive Security Resource Plans

trainSince the early 1990’s, MADI has provided superior security contractor services to organizations facing disruptive labor dispute situations. A MADI security consultant will begin the preparation process by first creating a comprehensive Security Resource Plan which is an integral part of the overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP). We provide security contractor services for corporate offices and facility protection as well as executive/personnel protection to the following industries:

An Unsurpassed Reputation

Security Company, Security Contractors, Security Consultants, ConsultantsMADI’s reputation for consistently delivering superior security services is based upon the following:

  • We ensure that every critical security detail of your facility, management, staff and equipment is properly addressed in a Security Resource Plan that can be immediately and seamlessly executed.

  • Our rapid response time in deploying security personnel ensures that yourfacility and personnel remain safe.

  • We provide only the most experienced and competent security personnel

  • Our security methods were developed and are maintained by members of our security management team who set the standards for modern strike security in this country.

MADI is trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies to cover a variety of scenarios as security contractors to include:

  • Strikes/Labor Disputes
  • Client headquarters detail
  • Special event security
  • Workforce reduction/workplace violence prevention

Experienced, Highly-Trained, Professional Security Personnel

Some of our differentiating features that separate us from other security companies:

  • All security personnel are supervised by security managers with no less than 12 years experience—and most of whom are former U.S. military/Special Forces NCOs or Officers; and many of whom have formal law-enforcement experience.

  • MADI security supervisors have served as instructors in the following areas (but not limited to): basic criminal, civil and labor law; counter-terrorism; evidence gathering and preservation; basic fire prevention/HAZMAT training and high-risk security.

With MADI as your strike security contractor, your organization will have one less concern during labor dispute contingency planning; knowing that our experienced, highly-trained, professional security personnel will protect your interests.