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Effective Business Continuity in higher risk environments is predicated on skills and experience, safety and continuous improvement. Training is a core component of MADI’s services offerings in order to ensure our clients’ business goals are met.

Labor Dispute Staff & Management Training

Specialized modules to train management personnel and salaried workers on what they should and should not do during a strike, including:

  • Picket Line Procedures
  • Procedures for Off-Site Contact with Striking Union Personnel
    • Behavioral guidelines regarding unanticipated and/or unwanted contact with striking union member(s) away from the facility
    • How to avoid and/or defuse a confrontation
    • When and how to notify company security
    • Documentation of encounter
  • Witness Statement Preparation
    • What information should be documented
    • How to record a precise, clear description of event/individuals involved
    • Statement format and submission


OSHA training includes:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Confined Spaces
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Forklift (PTI)
  • PPE
  • Right-To-Know
  • Hearing Protection
  • More

Job-Specific Training

Supervisors will initially train employees on how to perform assigned job tasks safely, as well as:

  • Review specific safety rules, policies, and procedures
  • Verbal instructions and specific directions on how to do the work safely.
  • Observation of employees performing the work.
  • Review of safe work practices before permitting the performance of new procedures.


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