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High-Performance Contingent Staffing Explained: 

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Having Trouble Sourcing Skilled Labor?

MADI can help you keep your business moving forward with the skilled labor you need to meet your production and distribution goals right away.

Our solution can help you: 

  • Fill Employment Gaps While You Search For Full-Time, Local Personnel
  • Provide you with Temporary/Long-Term/Seasonal Skilled Labor
  • Maximize Productivity 
  • Reduce Unemployment Costs
  • Minimize Workers' Comp Exposure
  • Reduce Hiring Costs & Hassles

Plus, MADI makes it easy for you by: 

  • Managing Recruiting, Background Screening & Payroll
  • Coordinating travel of employees to your location(s)
  • Coordinating drug-testing prior to every project
  • Providing you with 24/7 customer service

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What is High-Performance Contingent Staffing?

High-Performance Contingent Staffing is different than traditional staffing in that we recruit highly skilled labor nationwide; and can deliver teams of personnel anywhere in the United States almost immediately. Think of us as a specialized industrial staffing provider that solves key staffing challenges that most traditional vendors can't. 

When Do I Need High-Performance Contingent Staffing?

MADI's High Performance Solution has maximum value when a staffing shortage can not be met by traditional means and unfilled positions lead to costly negative outcomes such as revenue losses, missed deadlines, unfilled orders, supply chain disruptions, competitive threats or other consequences. Our immediate response capabilities also allow us to respond to events outside of a company's control such as natural disaster or other external event.

What Industries Does MADI Supply Skilled Labor For?

We supply experienced and skilled labor for nearly every industry. Industries include but are not limited to Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing; Aircraft & Component Manufacturing; Bottling & Beverage Distribution; Construction; Engine Manufacturing; Facility Maintenance; Food Manufacturing & Distribution; Foundry Operations; Grocery Store Operations, Warehousing and Distribution; Heavy Equipment Manufacturing; Home Building Product and Distribution; Hospitality; Industrial and Commercial HVAC; Lighting Manufacturing; Lumber; Medical Assembly; Mining and Metals - Aluminum, Steel, Brass, etc.; Packaging; Paper Production and Distribution; Plastics Manufacturing; Power Generation and Distribution; Petro Chemical - Refinery & Chemical Manufacturing; Railcar/Locomotive Manufacturing and Assembly; Rubber Goods Manufacturing; Telecommunications; Transportation; Truck & Automotive Manufacturing; Utilities - Transmission & Distribution; and More! 

Where Do Your Employees Come From and How Do They Get Here?

Our employees are located throughout the United States and could come from any state. How employees get to your location depends upon how urgent your need is. If you need personnel very quickly, we can fly them to your facilities. If your need is less urgent, we'll have them drive to your location. Either way, MADI coordinates transportation in order to have our team on-site at your facility(s) within your specified time frame. 

Will I Be Responsible For Onboarding, Coordinating On-Site Testing/Training And Schedules?

MADI typically provides an on-site Supervisor in order to provide a seamless integration of our personnel into your facility. The MADI Supervisor will take care of our employee's paperwork, coordinates drug testing, any on-site skill testing (e.g. Weld Tests) as well as scheduling of our personnel with your Management team. The Supervisor ensures that each projects starts off smoothly, is there to answer questions, and provide additional assistance as needed to ensure an efficient start-up and successful project. 

Do You Provide Temporary, Long-Term, Seasonal, or Temp-To-Perm Staffing? 

We provide a tailored staffing solution to meet each company's project specific needs. From Temporary, to Long-Term, Seasonal and everything in between. 

What type of skilled labor do you provide?

MADI provides highly skilled labor for nearly every industry including Assemblers, Boiler Operators, Cable Splicers, CDL-A Drivers, Centrifugal Operators, CNC Machinists, CNC Programmers & Operators, Coal Equipment Operators, Commercial Electricians, Control Room Operators, Crane Operators, Diesel Mechanics, Fabricators, Facility Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Forklift Operators, Foundry Workers, Heat Treat Personnel, Heavy Equipment Operators, HVAC Technicians, Industrial Electricians, injection Mold Operators, I&C Technicians, Journeymen Linemen, Machine Operators, Material Handlers, Millwrights, Painters, Pipefitters, PLC Programmers, Power & Utility Workers, and many more. Contact us at (800) 780-0500 to discuss your specific needs. 

How quickly can MADI get its personnel to my worksite?

MADI has been providing emergency staffing services for over 20 years. We're known for our ability to quickly mobilize a workforce and have them anywhere in the country within 24 to 72 hours. How quickly we can have employees at your facility depends upon the number of personnel and the type of personnel needed. If you need personnel very quickly, we can fly them to your facilities. If your need is not urgent, we'll have them drive to your location. Either way, MADI coordinates the transportation of our employees in order to have our team on-site at your facility(s) within your specified time frame. 

Who Is Responsible for Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance?

All of our employees are covered by MADI's Workers' Compensation and Unemployment insurance. 

What Happens If An Employee Doesn't Work Out? Do You Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

In the unlikely event that an employee does not work up to your standards, MADI will replace them at no cost to your company. 

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Founded in 1992, MADI began providing temporary labor and business continuity planning services to clients nationwide. MADI introduced its security services division in 2000 in order to provide a single source solution. MADI now has over 500 clients in 42 states.