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Healthcare Facilities Maintenance Management

The mere thought that healthcare facility workers would strike seems counter-intuitive to their job of preserving the well being of people.

Yet even in the best of circumstances, it can happen, and the effects can be devastating to both patients and employees if you do not have healthcare facility management procedures in place.

While there are many causes that elicit a strike response from healthcare workers, how an organization manages an efficient facilities maintenance management program during such an event is key-and proper security is a necessary component.

Reliable Facilities Maintenance Program

The regulations that govern healthcare facilities call for proper maintenance and effective management to keep both employees and patients safe. This compliance criteria mandates that you identify patient, staff, and equipment risk. A strong facilities maintenance management program is crucial to meet these expectations. Given the requirements for patient confidentially governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the overall need for a safe environment, your organization needs the assurance that its healthcare facilities management plan can provide the high level of security necessary during a strike-and MADI can help.

Experienced Temporary Security Officers

MADI consultants will work with your organization to place and manage temporary security personnel to aid your facility management efforts during a period of volatile labor relations at your healthcare facility. Our security team is professional, well-trained, and readily able to assist you with your needs should a strike arise.

Several important requirements to consider in assessing the strength of your hospital facilities management system:

  • Oversee proper maintenance of buildings and physical assets to aid in the optimal care of patients
  • Establish preventative maintenance schedules of clinical environment and equipment
  • Verify that electrical systems and power sources are operating efficiently and correctly; with redundant back-up systems in the event of an emergency
  • Schedule and track human resources in every department across multiple shift schedules

Valuable Continuity Services

MADI strives to provide optimal business continuity services that include supplying security personnel that will assist in your health care facility management efforts.

Take the first step and integrate MADI into your healthcare facilities maintenance management system.