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H1N1 Flu Emergency Staffing Services

h1n1 flu, staffing services

In the Face of Oncoming H1N1 Flu Season MADICORP Positions Itself to Supply Industries With Emergency Staffing For countless businesses of all sizes, suddenly having to operate with fewer employees can have a devastating effect on business operations. When the cause of fewer employees is a sickness that is easily spread and with a vaccine that is available in limited in quantities, a business continuity plan is an absolute necessity. With the H1N1 virus reaching pandemic status in April, it has become clear that H1N1 emergency staffing is a very real need for businesses.

Extended Emergency Staffing

In light of concerns from the CDC about the 2009 – 2010 H1N1 Season, MADICORP has announced it will extend its emergency staffing services into emergency H1N1 staffing for businesses with employees affected by the H1N1 virus.

For the 2009 – 2010 H1N1 Season, MADI is prepared to immediately provide experienced and professional personnel staffing to virtually all industries, including:

Typically MADI has specialized in temporary staffing for labor disputes, however with the very real threat of H1N1 impacting businesses across the country, they realize non-strike related resources for crisis situations such as an H1N1 outbreak are necessary as well and have taken steps to offer emergency staffing to counteract the unfortunate effects of a pandemic. According to Spokeswoman Michele Vincent, "The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recommended that businesses send home employees who experience flu like symptoms because of the high level of risk." With the number of H1N1 related cases expected to rise in the coming year, Vincent added "If they have employees who go home sick, we can step in and supply them with the technical skill sets they need for their specific industry." So far, MADI reports that a variety of industries have already shown a keen interest in preventing the impact of an H1N1 outbreak from affecting their business, demonstrating that the threat is already a very real concern with a potential influence that’s more significant than many would expect.

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