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Strike Avoidance

BCP Implementation By having a Business Continuity Plan in place you ensure that your business will remain operational and continue servicing your customers despite experiencing a labor dispute. Business Continuity Consulting When it comes to the threat of a union strike, no company can be over prepared, which is why companies around the country have come to rely on the business continuity consulting expertise of MADICORP. Operations Assessment Many companies are not aware of their lack of strategic preparation during the threat of a work stoppage until it’s too late because of one simple reason–they never developed a Business Continuity Plan. Business Continuity Planning For over 17 years, MADI’s comprehensive business continuity planning services has provided unparalleled service to some of the largest corporations in the country, positioning us as a leader in the industry. Business Continuity Training When it comes to business continuity training, MADI will teach your company proven techniques that employ industry best practices-tools. Collective Bargaining Agreement During the collective bargaining agreement process, each day that passes while trying to resolve labor issues poses a potential threat to your business operations.

Strike Security

Corporate Security When you take a proactive approach and develop a plan for implementing corporate security at your facility, you are providing more than just protection for your personnel. Executive Protection No one likes to think about the worst case scenario when it involves someone’s safety–but it’s a necessary task when it comes to executive protection. Facility Maintenance Management | Healthcare Facilities Management The regulations that govern healthcare facilities call for proper maintenance and effective management to keep both employees and patients safe. MADI Security Regardless of the size of an organization’s operations, our security personnel may either be pre-deployed prior to the onset of a strike, or can immediately respond when a labor dispute occurs Security Audit Our security audit involves a detailed, on-site survey of your facility and surrounding area that assesses the physical security challenges that you face. Security Assessment If you hesitate even for a moment to think about your response then you have only one solution–immediately contact MADICORP to conduct a security assessment for your facility. Security Companies Since the early 1990’s, MADI has provided superior security contractor services to organizations facing a volatile labor dispute situation. Security Procedures Labor dispute scenario’s can threaten the viability of your current operations. You need to consult with an expert to develop security procedures for your organization. Strike Security With over 15 years of experience providing outstanding strike security protection during labor disputes, MADICORP can assist your company in easing corporate stress.

Labor Dispute Resources

Dispute Mediation With any dispute mediation, coming to an equitable and quick resolution is paramount for both the union and management team. MADI can assist your organization in thoroughly preparing itself to respond to the dispute from a position of strength. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services When labor and management are unable to move toward a mutually acceptable union contract during negotiations the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service agency is often called upon to assist. Labor Relations Consultants When an organization and its union have negotiated in good faith, but have pending issues that cannot be resolved, they have one viable solution to assist them with their endeavors–to hire labor relations consultants. Labor Relations Although the NLRA, which is administered by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), prohibits union employees from any activity that impedes the individual rights of other employees or employers; labor disputes still arise. As such, a course of action developed for labor relations purposes is critical to an organization. Labor Strikes In the event of a labor strike, or even the threat of strikes at multiple locations, our clients are thoroughly prepared to continue operations. Labor Union Strikes MADI can provide your organization with exceptional services that will help abate the effects of a labor union strike threatening your business operations and even provide the operational leverage to avoid a strike. Operations Management Of course, every organization’s primary goal is to have successful operations management procedures–but how it does that depends on its ability to make the right business decisions, from the capacity of its human resources to the strength of its marketing. Plant Closures The long-term effects of a plant closure are rather evident–job loss, financial difficulty for displaced workers. And if not managed correctly, it can also have a negative impact on the company’s public image. Strike Contingency Plans When it comes to a company’s business operations, not having strike contingency plans in place is along the same lines of driving to a new destination without a map or directions. Unfair Labor Practices While a majority of strikes are a result of economic disagreements between union employees and their employers, a strike can also occur if an unfair labor practice claim is filed. Union Contract Negotiations Union contract negotiations between labor and management can create strain in a company as one side may try to gain power over the other during the negotiation process. Union Rights Without the establishment of union rights, both management and labor would be challenged in their roles of operating a business and performing a job. Labor management ensures that union rights are protected with a contract. Union Strikes When union employees strike, it places pressure on an organization. Without a Business Continuity Plan, if the union is not working because of a particular grievance, then the company’s customers will be affected. Because of MADI’s ability to seamlessly transition its temporary operational staff and security teams into your current operations, the disruptions to your operations are minimized.

Strike Replacement Workers and Temporary Labor

Strike Replacement Workers With MADI’s strike staffing consulting services, your company is uniquely positioned so that in the event of a strike, you can remain operational with experienced and skilled MADI replacement employees. Temporary Labor We work with you to determine the appropriate labor resources necessary to keep you operational, from technically-skilled maintenance personnel to DOT-compliant CDL drivers. Other Industries CDL-A Drivers, CMM Operators, CNC Operators & Programmers, CNC/Conventional Machinists, Crane Operators, Electricians (PLC, Commercial, Instrument & Control Technicians), Gage Inspectors, Heat Treat, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Mechanical Assembly & Sub Assembly, Mechanical Engineers, Painters and more… Baking Industry Personnel MADICORP provides temporary baking industry personnel. Bottling Industry Personnel MADICORP provides temporary bottling industry personnel in the event a strike occurs. Chemical Distribution MADICORP provides temporary chemical industry personnel. Chemical Industries MADICORP provides temporary personnel to the Plastic and Fiber Industries as well as the paper/pulp corrugated industry and the chemical distribution industry. Dairy Personnel MADICORP provides temporary Dairy Industry personnel.Energy & Utilities A & E Personnel, Asset Management Technicians, Boiler Operators, CDL – A Drivers/Tanker/Hazmat, Compressor Maintenance Personnel, Compressor Station Operators/Repairmen, Compressor Technicians, Diesel Mechanics, Electricians, Engineering Associates, Equipment Operators, Fuel Handling Technicians, Heavy Equipment Operators, High Voltage Technician, HVAC Technicians and more… Food Processing, Packaging, Food Warehouse Distribution Food Industry Personnel MADICORP provides temporary food industry personnel to the baking, dairy, food processing, meat and poultry industries. Food Packaging PersonnelAssembly Personnel Bindery/Finishing Personnel, Certified Forklift Operators, Electricians (PLC, Commercial), Flexography Personnel, Sheet Fed Offset Print Operators and Web Offset Print Operators Food Warehouse Distribution CDL-A Drivers Certified Forklift Operators, Diesel Mechanics, HiLo Operators, Palletizers/De-Palletizers, Truck Mechanics and Warehouse SelectorsIndustrial Manufacturing Temporary personnel to the industrial manufacturing industries which includes foundry, casting, machining, stamping and steel Machining Personnel MADICORP provides temporary personnel to the machining industry Meat and Poultry Industry PersonnelWe provide temporary personnel to the Meat and poultry processing industry in the event of a strike. Media CDL-A Drivers, Clamp Truck Drivers, CNC Machinists / Conventional Machinists, Electricians (PLC, Commercial), Forklift Operators/Hi-Lo Operators, HVAC Technicians and more…Paper/pulp Corrugated Industry Personnel MADICORP provides temporary Paper/pulp corrugated industry personnel. Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare MADICORP provides temporary personnel to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Plastics Industry PersonnelMADICORP provides temporary plastic industry personnel. Stamping Industry PersonnelMADICORP provides temporary personnel to the industrial Stamping Industry Steel Industry Personnel MADICORP provides temporary personnel to the industrial Steel Industry Warehouse Distribution Temporary personnel to the Warehouse Distribution Industry.

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H1N1 Staffing Services If a large percentage of your workforce called in sick due to a health emergency how would it affect your operations? MADICORP – Home MADICORP provides labor dispute contingency planning, skilled temporary replacement workers and NLRA-compliant security teams to companies preparing for, or currently experiencing work stoppages. About MADICORP The comprehensive array of services that MADI provides to its clients allows us to effectively position your organization from all business angles, ensuring that you will remain operational–and profitable. Contact Your Labor Dispute Contingency Planner Contact MADI Corp. for your strict on-site management needs. References View the outstanding comments our previous clients have made about MADI Corp. Client Log In Already a client? Please Log in.