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Corporate Security Planning Services

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When you take a proactive approach and develop a plan for implementing corporate security at your facility, you are providing more than just protection for your personnel-you are ensuring that your business stays operational.

Unsurpassed Security Planning

Anytime there is a perceived threat to the security of your organization, whether from circumstances that occur during a strike or any other event, you must be able to respond immediately with a commercial security plan that guarantees the safety and security of your employees, so they can continue to do their jobs.

Proven Corporate Protection Services

MADICORP will provide you with corporate protection services that encompass:

  • Training management and non-striking personnel on strike protocol to avoid interchanges with picketing employees that could result in an unfair labor practice charge.
  • Developing access procedures for employees
  • Maintaining a written, detailed plan outlining corporate security procedures on-site.
  • Identifying any potential security vulnerabilities, such as network system accessibility, fuel/chemical storage tank security, and equipment sabotage, etc.
  • Establishing procedures for evidence gathering and management for submission to your legal counsel.

Our security team will work with your organization in developing a site-specific corporate security plan. The goal is to deter any breach in security that would affect your non-striking personnel, facility or assets.

The Benefits of Having a Strategic Corporate Protection Plan:

  • Lowers the risk of increasing costs to your liability insurance
  • Creates sense of safety for employees
  • Decreases the possibility of your operations being disrupted as a result of damage to your facility equipment

Expert Security Personnel

Corporate Protection, Executive, ProtectionAnd as a leader in the corporate security protection industry, MADI stands ready and able to deploy highly trained, experienced security personnel at a moments notice. Often times it is merely the presence of our security staff that serves as a deterrent to potential misconduct such as:

  • Destruction of property
  • Theft of equipment
  • Physical violence to personnel

MADI will carefully identify your corporate security challenges and provide you with a strategic and organized corporate protection plan that will instill a sense of confidence in your staff should a labor dispute occur.

Consult with MADI to guarantee that you are taking a proactive approach to protecting your most valuable assets-your employees-with a corporate security plan.