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Collective Bargaining Agreement, Negotiating Union Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreement

During the collective bargaining agreement process, each day that passes while trying to resolve labor issues poses a potential threat to your business operations, particularly should a work stoppage occur as a result.

To avoid disruptions to your business during the collective bargaining period, there is really only one sure fire solution-and that’s to be fully and completely prepared with a Business Continuity Plan.

Unequaled Levels of Protection

MADI’s business continuity planning services have been providing unequaled levels of protection to organizations since the early 1990’s, giving them leverage during their union negotiations.

Common issues that may prevent collective bargaining agreement resolutions include:

  • Union wage disputes
  • Union work hours/rules
  • Union employee benefits
  • Union working conditions

Reliable Business Continuity Strategy

Due to the reliability of the Business Continuity Plans that MADI develops for its clients, the unions’ lack of cooperation and/or strike threats during collective bargaining agreement negotiations are often mitigated. However, should a strike occur, a business continuity strategy will:

  • Enable your company to maintain operations with a supervised staff of surrogate temporary workers and security personnel

  • Ensure that your customers continue to be serviced professionally and efficiently

  • Protect and secure your personnel and the business

With the assurance of having a plan in place, despite the fact that collective bargaining agreements are renegotiated periodically, MADI’s clients have continual peace of mind.

A Plan of Action is Vital

Of course your organization’s management negotiating team should be fully trained in the collective bargaining process before entering into collective bargaining agreement negotiations; and MADI can help!

While we don’t offer negotiating assistance, what we do provide is experience and value when it comes to developing a plan of action enabling your organization to continue its business, service its customers, and secure its future.

When it’s time for you to face the collective bargaining process-MADI is the solid choice to prepare your organization in advance and provide you with hassle-free service.